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Submit a proposal to bid on freelance jobs ! Best successful Tips

  Well, You have been learning about how to become a freelancer, how to find the best platform for freelance jobs, how to create a killer profile, what are the essential tools and rules a new freelancer must needs to  know about, how to find your Niche and What to do for developing your skills and experience for a relevant job.   Now this is time to take first step towards getting the freelance jobs from a potential client on freelance jobs provider website like and some other I have already discussed on. Now as you have created a profile after choosing a best suited category that matches your skill set and experience, it's time to find the job from any potential client so you need to browse the jobs by your particular category. For instance if you have selected Web designing Full Post

Earn money online ! Sell your skills & get hired for the relevant jobs

You must be wondering about how to sell your skills for online jobs? Well it's simple in terms you could provide the relevant services you are expert in. For instance, You have skills of writing interesting content so you could try to get content writing or Article writing jobs from the people who post their projects through certain platforms. Like, & O'   Selling skills means you need to be expert in any particular skill that you want to use for earning. I've already been discussed about the skills in my previous Articles 7 tips to become a freelancer or how to get freelance jobs by creating professional profile and quality proposal. So All you need to go through these articles to have an idea about the current Article.  If you still wandering Full Post

How to make a website Search Engine Friendly?

Creating a website in different ways using tons of web page Editors, is super easy these days but making it Search Engine friendly is a bit difficult specially when a web designer is not a website optimizer or not familiar with Search Engine optimization tips and tools. There are millions of website that look very professional and attractive with lots of interesting content but when you see the traffic status, you find no traffic or not impressive figures for the site stats.  This is because the website isn't optimize according to the Search Engine requirements. No traffic means "who cares" so if you are going to create a website or have one already, optimize your website as per the requirement to get your website displayed in the search results. I have already written some basic rules Full Post

How to get Freelance jobs by creating professional profile and quality proposal

Freelance means providing quality services to the people who need these services like if you are Article writer, this is your skill and you can cash your skill by getting the job from the people who wish to give the relevant job to any competent professional who could provide the required results. Similarly you can take jobs like Web Designing, Graphic Designing, Search Engine Optimizing, Email writing and Marketing, Social Media and so on.  Freelance jobs can be performed from home or office even if you are traveling, just turn on your Laptop and start working from any where. Freelance jobs required Skill, professionalism, Experience and capability to take responsibility for providing the best results to the client. There are some important things to consider while going to take freelance Full Post

What Does a website require to be listed in Google Search ?

Do you perceive that why your website is not listed in Google? I have been asked some questions by my readers that they have websites submitted by the website submission software and it's been a long time their websites are not appearing in search results. Even some of the subscribers told me that they have paid for this but no luck. How long it will take to be listed in Google search results? Well, before going to answer your questions, Now this is my turn to ask some questions to you guys. 1.  Do you think that automated software can submit a website to the search Engine just like a human does?  2. Did you go through the Google blog and articles about what is the best way to submit a website in the search Engine? 3. Do you think your website is fully compatible with the terms and Full Post
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