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Payoneer forum even in Karachi Pakistan

The first Payoneer Forum for freelancers in Karachi Pakistan

Event updates:: Great News for Pakistani Freelancers having the most common and friendly Fund withdrawal resource Payoneer is fully operational in Pakistan. The local management of Payoneer hold and even yesterday December 05, 2014 here in Karachi. Not a big crowd but enough number of freelancers were invited and attended the first forum activity with a session of question and answers with the authorized person "Mr. Arif" who is a great freelancer himself and running a freelance business on with over 20 freelancers. The event took around 4 hours but very useful information about the commonly faced issues and resolutions from the freelancers came into the knowledge and discussed briefly. PAYONEER IS GOING TO LAUNCH WIRE TRANSFER / LOCAL BANK WITHDRAWAL OPTION for PAKISTAN FROM THE Full Post

FIFA World Cup 2014 Premium Domain for sale !

******** Auction of the Year 2014 ********* Million Dollars Domain for sale ! Billions of Searches expected !  ====================================== FIFA World Cup 2014 begins on Thursday, June 12 and ends on Sunday, July 13 Get Ready! to experience a mega sporting event of the world. Its a huge opportunity to make millions of dollars with the Top level Domain name is the Top level domain for sale ! 20th Football World cup in Brazil is about to begin ! Thousands of money generating opportunities have created over the internet. Billions of Sales & purchased will be made during the mega World soccer cup for the next coming months.  Top Level Fifa World Cup 2014 domain is for sale. You are bidding because you know Full Post

Access any blocked website using proxy

How to access the blocked websites ?  This is the most common question from the users who want to access the website(s) that are blocked by the owner or the server. Now Youtube can be accessed in Pakistan using the fastest proxy here.  This is the fastest proxy I ever used to open any blocked website. Even I easily access which is blocked in Pakistan. Truly the fastest proxy to check your blocked URLs and websites.  Check the fastest proxy to open any website that is blocked !    ProxyShout - A FREE access to any Blocked Website Full Post

Websites Sellers Beware of the fake buyers on auction and Microjobs sites

This article is extension of my previous article on the ways and tricks that is being used to commit frauds on the internet. Today I am exposing another fraud trick that online buyers use to cheat the website sellers. Also this is my recent personal experience that I am going to share with my readers so that they can save their money or product if some one use the said trick. It is a typical fraud trick is being used on the different auction sites and Micro Jobs websites where skilled and experienced IT professionals provide web services, seo services, websites selling, domains selling services etc for as little as $5. But there are a community of the buyers who make these services providers and seller fool and give them loss by getting the product or services and pretending or giving bogus Full Post

Tips & tricks to get full marks and excellent feedback from an online client (Part 2)

In my previous post, I have discussed why the feedback is important for a freelancer's profile? I hope it make sense but I'm wondering if a freelancer think its just a formality. Again I emphasis on the importance of feedback and testimonial. it can be like a slow poison for your profile if you perform very well but in the end you just let the client go without leaving a feedback for your profile. It's something like you complete your education but don't get a certificate. In fact how well you performed and served for providing the best services to your client and the project was completed in time and the client was happy but if the client didn't leave a feedback about the experience with you during the process, who knows how well you were during the project period. How can you satisfy Full Post

Testimonial & Feedback: the most important for a freelance profile (Part-1)

As for the betterment of a freelance profile, You must need to improve things that help in getting hired by an online client. One should must be aware about what is the most important thing and what a client reviews as first thing first in your freelance profile before considering you as the project insider?  Testimonials & feedback is a backbone of a freelancer's profile? Let me tell you whether you are skilled & professional and have a first class profile with lots of stuff to show case, the client first jumps to your Testimonial and Feedback page to see what comments have you received from your previous clients. So if you have a great collection of excellent feedback as a freelancer, with full marks and full reviews, that would be a helpful tool for making a client's mind to Full Post

Freelancing as a Career Choice

It’s ironic that the only thing that is constant in our lives is change. Whatever the time, the era or period of history, change has overshadowed everything, from the move from agrarian societies to the industrial age to the new era of technology that we will in now, change has been mankind’s constant companion. And now change is back in the form of the internet and the opportunities it presents to people like you and I. From online writing, to blogging to graphic designing, the demands of the virtual era create a whole range of new professional categories which you can tap into. And one of the best ways to get into the online world of Professionals is by freelancing. Now, that may sound strange considering that most other counselors would ask you put your heart and soul into your Full Post

Jobs Opportunity for all Subscribers and visitors

Should I give you a wake up call? it's time to turn on the power of creativity for being ready to move on towards changing of your earning resource. Stop crying for unemployment as you have employment just one click away. Prove your strength and step ahead to create some room in the global jobs market platform. Just Eliminate the disappointment factor as you have no risk in opening a portfolio before the international market of expert professionals. You nevertheless have to have spirit and creativity to share your expertise with the online potential clients who are looking for your presence over the online jobs market. is going to threw the jobs for the Freelancers who are capable and competent in : Graphic Designing [Logo, Icon, brochure, Flyer, Business Cards, Full Post

How to make money as a freelancer

Welcome to the world of Freelancing. You are here just because either you are not satisfied with your current job or you might be wandering to get a job where you have full freedom and control on your own schedule. You are not looking for a job but an independent business that you can run by your own or with a team of professional freelancers. This is the beauty of Freelancing that you can enjoy it either as business or a fully independent job. You never loose any thing either way. So all you need to have is, determination and competency for saying YES to Freelancing.   Why Freelance?  I have been working as a Sales & Marketing professional since 1994. I never been satisfied with the traditional jobs, I have constantly been switching over to the different jobs just because of the Full Post

Submit a proposal to bid on freelance jobs ! Best successful Tips

  Well, You have been learning about how to become a freelancer, how to find the best platform for freelance jobs, how to create a killer profile, what are the essential tools and rules a new freelancer must needs to  know about, how to find your Niche and What to do for developing your skills and experience for a relevant job.   Now this is time to take first step towards getting the freelance jobs from a potential client on freelance jobs provider website like and some other I have already discussed on. Now as you have created a profile after choosing a best suited category that matches your skill set and experience, it's time to find the job from any potential client so you need to browse the jobs by your particular category. For instance if you have selected Web designing Full Post

Earn money online ! Sell your skills & get hired for the relevant jobs

You must be wondering about how to sell your skills for online jobs? Well it's simple in terms you could provide the relevant services you are expert in. For instance, You have skills of writing interesting content so you could try to get content writing or Article writing jobs from the people who post their projects through certain platforms. Like, & O'   Selling skills means you need to be expert in any particular skill that you want to use for earning. I've already been discussed about the skills in my previous Articles 7 tips to become a freelancer or how to get freelance jobs by creating professional profile and quality proposal. So All you need to go through these articles to have an idea about the current Article.  If you still wandering Full Post

How to get Freelance jobs by creating professional profile and quality proposal

Freelance means providing quality services to the people who need these services like if you are Article writer, this is your skill and you can cash your skill by getting the job from the people who wish to give the relevant job to any competent professional who could provide the required results. Similarly you can take jobs like Web Designing, Graphic Designing, Search Engine Optimizing, Email writing and Marketing, Social Media and so on.  Freelance jobs can be performed from home or office even if you are traveling, just turn on your Laptop and start working from any where. Freelance jobs required Skill, professionalism, Experience and capability to take responsibility for providing the best results to the client. There are some important things to consider while going to take freelance Full Post

In the line of “Freelancing” New Freelancers must know these simple rules !

Are you new to Freelancing? Intend to get some earning from the Internet but tired to go through plethora of documents, E-Books, blogs, forums etc? Lost your money by purchasing stuff kind of "tips to becoming millionaire over night or some thing like that? No way, don't find the way out. You're still in the game as you are now on a right place to know what actually freelance is.  Now take a sigh of relief, sit back and answer my question honestly. How much information and knowledge do you have to becoming a freelancer? What category do you want to select for your earning potential? Are you interested in using your skill & experience with the relevant field? Do you believe on an automated earning source from where you may have a regular income with less efforts? Well, let Full Post

Seven 7 Tips to become a successful Freelancer

After writing a descriptive article at the end of the month, I uphold the same topic to persuading people who intended to venture for Freelance career. By pursuing my previous article "Why freelancers failure to get freelance jobs", people interacted by emails and comments on the blog and insisted to go in depth with the same topic so I'll try to lighten the same niche by using my personal experience not too long though enough to guide you. Instead of a tirade, I just want to share 7 seven most important tips that would be pretty much helpful while creating an account to use as a freelancer over different forums available for freelance jobs including, O',,  & many other popular web portals. Be careful in selecting a forum as every website has its own Full Post

Why Freelancers failure to get freelance jobs?

 Over the years, people have been finding the solution to prevalent their increasing expenses an account of price hike regularly. One most common idea to overcome this issue is, a part time job. Nevertheless its a hard tip specially for those who already been engaged with their regular job and they really face inconvenience with their tight schedule. The facts and figures collected via a number of surveys around the world shows that the people still struggling with their schedule and earning potential while the most common factor is to not getting time for their family and even for themselves. There are tons of articles & blogs available over the internet to concisely discuss on the topic but let me share some very simple words and my personal experience to describe a very easy, Full Post

How to start freelance job

How to start freelance job    Its easy and simple. If you have a computer with a good Internet connection, then you can avail this excellent opportunity. First of all you need to know about what is freelance?  how to become a freelancer? what are the best places to start freelance projects from? to whom you will provide your freelance services? how to provide freelance services? what skills are required to become a freelancer?  how to get paid for your freelance services?  These are the basic questions that every one has in mind when going to start freelance-job. It is highly recommended that you carefully understand all about the above question before getting into this vast freelance profession. It is really a vast field but it becomes too short when you start with Full Post

What is freelance online Job

Every body who wants to enjoy freelance working from home has a very first question What is freelance? Now as you have learned in the previous post How to freelance? It is the time to understand it before getting into this profession. People or Companies from all over the world who want to create, design, process, analyze, monetize or audit their businesses but have no time, web skills or interest to do him/herself, publicize their projects over the Internet. They use some specific websites, that are involved in taking projects from the buyer and have a crowed of working professionals in every field so that they can provide web services to the buyer by utilizing specific web skills, Education and freelance experience for the specific project. For instance, if some one has to design Full Post
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