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What Does a website require to be listed in Google Search ?

Do you perceive that why your website is not listed in Google? I have been asked some questions by my readers that they have websites submitted by the website submission software and it's been a long time their websites are not appearing in search results. Even some of the subscribers told me that they have paid for this but no luck. How long it will take to be listed in Google search results? Well, before going to answer your questions, Now this is my turn to ask some questions to you guys. 1.  Do you think that automated software can submit a website to the search Engine just like a human does?  2. Did you go through the Google blog and articles about what is the best way to submit a website in the search Engine? 3. Do you think your website is fully compatible with the terms and Full Post

Pingback and Trackback ! Does Google consider Pingback and/or Trackback as spam or violation?

Since very first day from creating my website on WordPress, Two options have been disrupting my ideas intermittently about whether or not I should disable Pingback and Trackback as I was curious about how Google take into consideration to these options. Does Google consider Pingback and Trackback as spam or violation?  You must be wondering if I'm not going into the descriptive details about what actually Pingback and Trackback are, Instead of that, my primary goal is to clear the confusion particularly regarding Google's behavior about these terms. I've been craving for this over the weeks and found mixed answers on different forums that arouse curiosity to thrive my endeavors in searching the exact answer that freshen up my life when I am going to correlate with the Search Engine. On Full Post
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