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How to make a website Search Engine Friendly?

Creating a website in different ways using tons of web page Editors, is super easy these days but making it Search Engine friendly is a bit difficult specially when a web designer is not a website optimizer or not familiar with Search Engine optimization tips and tools. There are millions of website that look very professional and attractive with lots of interesting content but when you see the traffic status, you find no traffic or not impressive figures for the site stats.  This is because the website isn't optimize according to the Search Engine requirements. No traffic means "who cares" so if you are going to create a website or have one already, optimize your website as per the requirement to get your website displayed in the search results. I have already written some basic rules Full Post

How to submit a Website to the Search Engine using Google Web Master Tools

You have a great website, Attractive colors, High quality Images, Wonderful catchy Graphics, awesome layout and great content. That's cool and very nice website. But wait a moment !  Has your website been indexed in the Search Engines ?  Well, if your answer is NO, then you are shouting among the dumb crowd. It does matter when it comes to getting traffic towards your website. You don't go to the millions of people to tell about your website or the content they need of. There are millions of thousands of websites and blogs running after Search Engine Optimizer. Remember only a few among the crowd who guarantee you to get your website at the top of the search results.  You can imagine the cost to get the top ranking for your website but if you want to be a part of this marathon, you Full Post

“Meta Tags”! First Step towards Search Engine Optimization

 How to get web site indexed in Search Engine results?  Well it's not to mention that whether you have a website or blog designed, how would you go to expose your content? How the world would know that you have the stuff they need of. It does matter when it comes to optimize your site according to the Search Engine rules and terms. It's nothing hard to know that you need to do something so that the people who need the content as same as you put on your website or blog, could find the relevant information and material they searched for. You must find the way that leads your website on the way where any Search Engine could find your content for the relevant keywords whenever any one goes to search through.  Moreover, you need to choose the best keywords so that Search Engine could rank Full Post

How to start Search Engine Optimization from Scratch

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is no longer needs to be touted as there are tons of websites and blogs over the Internet that distributing software and E-Books as well as providing information through their blogs or websites. It is the most consistent term that has been searched as well as asked on different forums, blogs, websites, wikis, FAQs etc. The People have been finding the easiest way to know Search Engine Optimization over the years.  Well, the term SEO does matter for a website or blog, when it comes to get indexed in Search Engine Result Page (SERP). The term Search Engine optimization is based on some very basic sets of functions that every body who has a blog or website and willing the site to be searched by any Search Engine with the relevant words or phrases, should Full Post
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