FreelanceFront is going to be FreelanceFronts in 2018

ADVERTISEMENT was registered on January 31st 2012 by me when I was an active member of as a WordPress Web Designer. The primary idea was just to provide information and insights about Freelancing at Elance to those who were misguided about freelancing and took it as a useless or any kind of scam. Also to those who never joined Elance or tried but get failed due to any reason.

The secondary purpose was to teach newbies and encourage them to join freelancing in order to earn good income for their study, home expenses and foreign reserves / remittances for the country. I wrote several articles to guide new freelancers for getting started. I got a great response from the Freelancers in every category like web designers, developers, logo designers in particular.

A huge number of the people were disappointed for not getting hired at Elance in their respective categories so I gave them lots of tips about how to create or polish their profiles at Elance and then how to submit proposals for a job.

If you look back in to the archive of FreelanceFront, you can still get good ideas to use on any other Freelance job boards to start your freelance career. The basic tips and tricks that worked at that time, still are very good resource to move forward even in the current days.

Anyways, In 2013 I explored my vision to the other “freelancing” fields and earned good income using the different categories like Buying Selling Websites and Domain names at different marketplaces including Flippa, Namepros, Godaddy, Sedo etc.

After getting a great response, I purchased private server from one of the most popular hosting providers, I became a reseller and added hosting reselling service to my portfolio for the valuable clients at Elance and Flippa. That was another milestone to push me forward.

Over the years I have been asked by the users, new freelancers, professionals and corporate clients about the different online web problems, like Websites error, how to’s, affiliation issues, specially how to withdraw money from outside Pakistan, India, Bangladesh etc. wire transfer, Paypal, payoneer, Skrill, Bank Transfers etc. I thoroughly researched and provided effective solutions of those problems and the people got the solutions and encouraged me to keep continue the efforts.

The Search Engine Google also loved my articles and majority of my articles picked and placed at 1st page of Google’s SERP list at top positions. As of the time i’m writing this article, Google has 213 keywords of at 1st page of SERP from 10th to 1st positions.

213 keywords is a great number of keywords in Google that shows Google trust in freelancefront’s content and consider reliable and effective to present before the users who searched the relevant article for the relevant keywords in google.

Now since freelancefront became a popular blog with high quality content on various categories, niches like Web Design, Hosting, Domaining, Graphic design, Digital marketing, Web Flipping, Domain Reselling, Ad Campaigns, Content writing, Money Transfer, Withdrawal, Paypal, Payoneer, Affiliate marking and lots of others, I have decided to extend freelancefront to more for the visitors.

From 31st of January (6th year of its going to be “FreelanceFronts” because I’m going to explore more “Fronts” for you because you want me to provide great information about more types of freelancing so you will be able to get professionally written content for several other freelance categories.

So get ready to be a member of upcoming platform that will be an upgrade version of with great improvement and more engaging content that you love to go through.

There will be a private area for “member” who will get membership for high quality income generating content that will not be published for normal visitors. More details will be posted on the site time to time. Become a subscriber and receive notification/email for upcoming changes and updates.

Do write about this in your comments and feedback below. Thank you


Shahzad Bashir

Top Pakistani Freelancer since 2011 with expertise in different niches like WordPress Web design, development, SEO, Web Hosting, Articles writing & Web publishing. Also Domain & Website seller with "VIP" Member status on "" for 100% Trade rating.

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