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I’m sure all the freelancers from Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Srilanka and other Asian countries are very well know about Payoneer for its FREE Master Debt Card that allows everyone to get paid from the marketplaces where freelancers provide services and /or buy sell products.

Payoneer is one of the most reliable source to remain alive on in the freelance marketplaces like upwork, freelancer, guru, people per hour, 99 designs, fiverr, envato and hundreds of other platforms. This is the most trusted financial service provider that people love to join because of flexible terms and easy to afford by the marketers, business persons, freelancers and common home based business owners.

In my view Payoneer is the most friendly option for everyone who is willing to make online money or thinking to become a professional blogger in order to earn online but doesn’t have an idea about how to get paid and how to bring the hard-earned money into the local bank account.

Payoneer is the first option for online buyers sellers freelance web developers, designers, affiliates, seo, marketers, content writers, bloggers and freelancers specially from Asian region like Pakistan where the giant payment processor “Paypal” is not operational due to the restrictions by “State Bank of Pakistan” for not complying with the banking terms and conditions or some other reasons.

Truly, after Paypal, Payoneer is the largest widely used payment processor that provides Not only Free account but a Master debt Card with FREE $25 to every approved card holder. I personally recommend “Payoneer” to my readers and bloggers who are new and just stepping in to the Freelance community.

Payoneer’s most popular referral program “Refer A Friend” is also open for every account/card holder that rewards $25 to both the referral and the referee as soon as the referee card is approved and s/he received $100 in the account.


FreelanceFront Now becomes an affiliate with Payoneer:

Freelance Front is a popular blog over the internet that focuses on freelancing and specially publish content for the beginner “freelancers” as well as professionals. It is not limited to only Web designing & development but the other top level jobs categories like Graphic Design, SEO, Advertising, Affiliation, Content writing, Gaming, Domainig, Website flipping and digital marketing are the most visited categories that teach and guide helpful tips and tricks to become a successful freelancer.

Specially is most searched and visited website for top level Payoneer keywords because there are lots of high quality articles written for Payoneer account creation, “Master Debt Card” approval, ATM issues, fund transfer, withdrawal issues, Local bank transfer, wire transfer, Direct to local bank and other matters that the freelancers search and read and the get helped.

One step ahead, I wished to become and affiliate after a question asked by a reader the other day.  He asked “Sir I found Freelancerfront the second most reliable blog for payoneer specific information (first is itself), So why not affiliated yet ?“. The question was valid and I applied for an affiliate account on payoneer and surprisingly payoneer affiliate manager asked me several questions about the blog, promotion methods, website rank, search impressions, possible referrals and other questions related to the promotion.

Yesterday I got an email sent by Payoneer affiliate program saying “I think your website is indeed a good platform to promote Payoneer on. I am very happy to welcome you to Payoneer Affiliates Program!

I’m thankful to payoneer at the end of the day for accepting and approval of as an affiliate to their promotional program. This is a great opportunity to learn more and guide new bloggers and freelancers to develop their affiliations campaigns in order to make money online.


Shahzad Bashir

Top Pakistani Freelancer since 2011 with expertise in different niches like WordPress Web design, development, SEO, Web Hosting, Articles writing & Web publishing. Also Domain & Website seller with "VIP" Member status on "" for 100% Trade rating.

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