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Websites Sellers Beware of the fake buyers on auction and Microjobs sites

This article is extension of my previous article on the ways and tricks that is being used to commit frauds on the internet. Today I am exposing another fraud trick that online buyers use to cheat the website sellers. Also this is my recent personal experience that I am going to share with my readers so that they can save their money or product if some one use the said trick. It is a typical fraud trick is being used on the different auction sites and Micro Jobs websites where skilled and experienced IT professionals provide web services, seo services, websites selling, domains selling services etc for as little as $5. But there are a community of the buyers who make these services providers and seller fool and give them loss by getting the product or services and pretending or giving bogus Full Post

What is freelance online Job

Every body who wants to enjoy freelance working from home has a very first question What is freelance? Now as you have learned in the previous post How to freelance? It is the time to understand it before getting into this profession. People or Companies from all over the world who want to create, design, process, analyze, monetize or audit their businesses but have no time, web skills or interest to do him/herself, publicize their projects over the Internet. They use some specific websites, that are involved in taking projects from the buyer and have a crowed of working professionals in every field so that they can provide web services to the buyer by utilizing specific web skills, Education and freelance experience for the specific project. For instance, if some one has to design Full Post
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