Top 10 Pakistani Blogs and Bloggers New List April 2017


Top 10 out of 20 Pakistani Blogs and Bloggers: List updated April 01, 2017

This is a followup of previously published Top 25 Pakistan blogs and bloggers list on Feb 23, 2017. Now its time to see which are the top 20 Pakistani Blogs and Bloggers now. There are interesting figures and unfortunately the Alexa ranking of the top blogs seems to be down. Few Blogs moved up in the list and now improving.

Here is the quick view of the Top 20 Pakistan Blogs and Bloggers updated list for the readers. See the chart below and click either blog name or the blogger name to see the details from the previous post.

 No Blog Blogger Local Rank Global Rank
 1 Aamir atta  81 10667
 2  syed balkhi  2642  2317
 3  Mohsin Ali Waheed 3611  265246
4  Tayyib Ahsan  4123  279161
5  Taimoor Asad  4939  8448
6  Mustafa Ahmed  6646  60343
7  syed faizan  7662  99536
8  Fatima Wahab  8591  13611
9  Ali Raza  8623  412849
10  Abdul Samad  11027  340005
11  Ammar Ali  12418  75022
12  Hassam Ahmed awan  12605  392315
13  Rehmat Alam  20844  1523808
14  Nadeem khan  23983  352499
15  Nabeel khan  24010  737522
16  Shahzad Bashir  24264  1856754
17  Mohammad Ismail  26743  1129481
18  Mohsin Ali Waheed  27520  788547
19  bilal ahmed  28249  182642
20  abdul wali  50613  3341535

If you see there is any blog that has better ranking than those listed blogs and bloggers, please notify us so that we can include those blogs and bloggers in our upcoming “Top Pakistani Bloggers and Blogs list”. Thank you


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