5 Top Blogging Tips 2020: Successful Bloggers use for Blog


5 Top Blogging Tips 2020: Successful Bloggers Use for Blog


Top 5 Blogging problems solved: How Successful Bloggers rank their blog at the top of Google?

Do you always wonder about visiting top blogs and bloggers in Pakistan?:

  1. Do you know how successful bloggers get top rankings with a load of tons of traffic to their blogs?
  2. Do they use secret blogging strategies?
  3. Do they use paid marketing to get huge traffic from the search engine?
  4. Do they use high-level seo optimization or hire any SEO agencies?

Get Ready to become a successful blogger in 2020

with the answers to all the above questions in this article.

Honestly, if you are a blogger but feel frustrated for not having your blog at the top of Google.

or no traffic on your blog even if you tried to write lots of articles.

You posted links on social media and forums.

Still, you get a little traffic on your blog in a few seconds or a minute, and then clicked back and go.

What’s wrong with your blog? 

Why people don’t stay at your blog to read articles you wrote spending several hours or days?

Why they just stumbled upon your blog and instantly clicked the back button?

this is called “bounce back” and literally this is a killer poison for your blog.

OK, don’t be frustrated as today I’m going to tell you the solution to these circumstances.

First of all, keep the following things in your mind when starting a blog or updating your blog in 2020.

5 Most important questions for a successful blog: the blogger must know the answers. 

  1. What is your blog Niche?
  2. What audience you are targeting?
  3. What is your blogging aim or focus?
  4. How frequently do you write articles for your blog?
  5. What type of infographics do you use?

Start a wordpress blog in 30 minutes


 What is your blog Niche? 

This is the question just like a doctor asked to know the symptoms of a disease.

Usually, the new bloggers create a blog for a specific niche (blog type) for example a blog on freelancing.

the bloggers start well, focusing on their niche but after sometimes they start diverting from the niche.

Sooner or late they want to have their blog making money or getting huge traffic.

they start trying some extra things like promoting their blog on social mediaforums, through directories, etc

the problem is, there a 100s of relevant things under the niche the blogger used like freelancing has lots of sub-categories.

All those categories can be defined separately but it requires the skill to write on each freelancing category.



 Successful Blogging Tip #1 

  1. Never leave your line of blogging in any case. if you started your blog for freelancing then keep focusing on a single niche.
  2. Keep learning the relevant categories and write about them. Don’t divert to any other money-making niche or topic.
  3. Try optimizing your post for 1 focused keyword or phrase preferably “long tail keyword“.



 What audience you are targeting? 

Your blog audience is very important. A successful blogger always targets the right audience.

For example, if your blog is for a local community like you are targeting freelancers in Pakistan, then you must know the local mindset of freelancers.

How local freelancers usually surf the web, and what topics may be interesting for local freelancers in Pakistan for 2020.

Similarly, if you writing blogs for Indian freelancers or maybe your blog is better to target the USA audience especially if you are going to sell any digital product, the USA audience should be a target as well.



 Successful Blogging Tip #2 

  1. Always focus on a single country audience to make your blog an authority blog in 2020.
  2. Understand the regional audience behavior so that you can better create effective articles.
  3. Add targetted audience regional most frequently used words in your articles that can be used as “SEO footprints “.


Step: 3 

 What is your blogging aim or focus? 

This is an absolutely important question what is the main purpose of the blog? There are lots of reasons behind successful blogging.

80% of bloggers say that they want to make money. Of course, A majority of bloggers doing the same. Everybody wants to make money with a blog.

There are millions of blogs for educating people, students, non-skilled and unemployed people so they write informational posts on the relevant topics.

Similarly, Medical blogs are written for providing knowledge about diseases and cures.

So the purpose of the blog is the key factor. When a blogger writes articles and posts, He/She should have a clear vision of the audience, content for that audience, and expectations from the audience.



 Successful Blogging Tip #3 

  1. Write your purpose for blogging on a page and find synonyms for the same words that can be used as footprints.
  2. Add at least 1 successful blogger’s introduction or story in your post and link his/her blog using a keyword.
  3. Add at least 3 external links to the top-ranked website for the relevant keywords from your post.
  4. Add at least 3 internal links pages or post links for your main keywords.


Step: 4 

 How frequently do you write for your blog? 

I came across several bloggers who said that they don’t write more than 3, or 4 articles a month yet they are ranked at the top of Google.

Maybe they are right if they said so, but did they start their blog with 3, or 4 articles a month?

if so, then how they got the top ranking on Google?

I think they started with a number of posts at the beginning of their blogs but later when they got top ranking, they slow down in writing and posting articles on their blog.

Because they already ranked at the top of Google. They have tons of traffic.

Their blog has become famous so the readers know and visit for their own interest.

Those blogs have got thousands and millions of subscribers.

So writing 3, or 4 articles in a month or even writing 1 article per month may suit them but not every blogger.

Remember, if you don’t write fresh content for your blog, your blog will be disappeared very soon from the search engine results.

there are millions of blogs being created and jumped at the top of the search list every month. Google or any other search engine always finds relevant fresh content so a blogger must keep his blog alive with fresh content.



 Successful Blogging Tip #4 

  1. Just remember the phrase “Content is King“.
  2. Create researched, effective, and authentic informational articles so that the readers trust your blog as an authority blog.
  3. Add Google Analytics or any other site traffic analyzer plugin or software to your blog and check the user behavior on a regular basis.
  4. Try to understand the flow of your audience towards any specific topic and start writing more articles on that niche.
  5. Check the most used searched keywords and phrase that brings the visitors from the “search engine” and focus on that.


Step: 5 

 What type of infographic do you use? 

Infographic is a powerful tool to through your article above in the search list.

How do you create infographics for your post? Maybe you just search on Google and copy a picture and paste it into your blog assuming that if you think is relevant to your content, the reader will do the same.

No that’s the wrong pattern you are following and you just giving poison to your blog if you do this.

Even if you don’t know about graphic designing, you are able to create powerful infographics using free online graphic tools.

Those are free to use and very easy to understand and use like plug-and-play tools.

I use snappa.io to get ready-made graphics material.

You can visit and get everything you need to use in your blog. There are every size to create new graphics or you can simply select and edit a pre-designed template.



 Successful Blogging Tip #5 

  1. Never use simply copy-pasted images from search engines or picture websites because people may already have seen them.
  2. Never used pictures that are blurred, not cleared, different in size from your default blog featured image size, etc
  3. Most importantly, don’t try to misguide your audience with the featured image or any picture inside.
  4. Don’t add unverified content in your “infographics” because it will break the trust of your audience in your blog.
  5. Always create your own featured image for the article and use authentic and verified infographics to build user trust in you.


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These are the basic tips for successful blogs in 2020. These are the most authentic and verified blogging tips from expert bloggers but these are not the final tips, because of the length of this article, I decided to create another post for the remaining successful blogging tips for 2020 in the next episode so the part 2 will have more details and tips about how to make a blog successful in 2020. Keep visiting my blog and write a comment if you like this post.

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