Introduction to Freelancing

Welcome to Freelancing !

Start freelancing from scratch. No matter if you are a school going teenager or a 9 to 5 employee in any company, You are college, university graduate or a mom in a home, yet everone can become a free to freelancer right after learning freelancing from the simple and easy to understand course that i’ve designed after spending my 8 years in freelancing as a full time successful freelancer.

First thing first, Let me give you an overview of different types of freelance categories.

Top 10 Freelance types or resources to Make Money as a Freelancer in 2019

  1. Freelance Services through a job marketplace as an individual Freelancer:
  2. Freelance Services through personal online portfolio by using an online Website or Blog.
  3. Freelance Services as a wholeseller or Retailer by selling Product(s) as an middle man or a Dropshipper.
  4. Freelance Affiliate under any Online Marketplace or Advertiser by using referral system.
  5. Freelance Domain Investor using a little budget of investment
  6. Freelance Website Flipper by creating and selling online Ecommerce Store & Shop.
  7. Freelance Web hosting Reseller for selling web hosting packages at your own price.
  8. Freelance Web Publisher by using a blog to display third party Advertisement and PPC (pay per click)
  9. Freelance Content writing, Article Writing, Copyright, Press realease, Typing work & transcription (medical / legal)
  10. Freelance Search Engine Optimizer, Researcher,
  11. Freelance Social Media Marketer from different social media platforms
  12. Freelance Video blogger called Vlogger at youtube and different other platforms.

These categories are the most popular and trendy ways to generate online income as individual or a team of freelancers. You can start from your home, office or a professional software house.

I’ll give you a basic overview of each freelance category listed above later in this guide. 

Before I move on to the next section, a primary question must need to be answered so you can understand the “Niche” according to your skills. So you must be thinking to ask the next question is:

Why become a freelancer? (why freelancing?)

Well, if you are unemployed, Employee as a part timer, Employee in a company for 9 to 5 but want to use spare time to increase income, retired from a job, or tired of traditional 9 to 5 job and want to earn like a Boss sitting at your home or office, then you can start your career in freelancing to make money online in order to meet your educational expenses, your home and family expenses or buying a home or convence to live better life using purely your skills and experience in additiona to your IT education.

For example, you may need more income to cover life expenses or want to make your future better by increasing your online income rather than a fixed salary or fixed income from a job or business. Freelancing is the source where millions of people have changed their life styles from zero to billionaire but in every case study, one thing is common that they work hard, they were passionate about and they had skills and a goal to acheive their destination.

Who can become a freelancer?

The answer is, Anyone with basic internet operating skills using mobile or computer from a local or remote location can become a freelancer.

If you are student of a college or university, even school going teenager, you can make money doing simple jobs or selling digital products or you can sell your services, your artwork etc.

Freelancing for Students:

Students can get eductional content writing jobs, Story writing, course meterial, Copy paste, typing jobs, translations (english to different languages or from different languages to English or urdu), Medical Transcription and Legal transcription (I’ll guide you about this type of freelance jobs later in this guide). These days a student with good typing speed can get the typing jobs from different online job marketplaces and is one of them.

Also University or college students can approach the job marketplaces to get job os lectures, book writing, thesis writing, proof reading, press release writing and similar content writing jobs. this is highly paid category for students so the female students precisely can try as a home based job right from their home.

Freelancing for unEducated but skilled people: If you know someone who is uneducated in your family, friends, relatives or social media group but skilled and experienced in any field, they can start freelancing with basic information of online business or services using a 3rd party or middleman. Like they can join social media to sell their product(s) or service(s) to online buyers for a relevant item. They can start video blogging if they can’t write but they can speak and provide consultation or sell tips and tricks for any issue or most wanted things that people usually search on the internet.

For example ! The Taylor can create a video of his/her design of dresses so the fasion designers, companies or online boutique owners can watch the video at social media or youtube and contact by phone or messages to start business. Similarly, A motor mechanic create a video of buying selling cars, tips and tricks to drive car or repair and mentenance of a car so the people can watch and pay to learn or hire for any car job. like driving, cleaning, dent & pent etc.

Also, Females or home sitting mom can write recipes of different food items and tips to use in kitchen, house cleaning tips and tricks, selling drawing, home made jewellery, dress designs, home decoration tiny items or toyes for children and lot more things.

IT Students and Professionals scope as a Freelancer: No body can make money as fast as an IT student or professional can. The reason is simple for preferrences always given to an IT student and professional because they undersatand and are familiar with the latest information and requirements. IT students can easily pickup the nature of relevant jobs and provide quick services to make money online with their skills and experience. The Freelancing is like an ocean for true skilled professionals who want to seriously create potential income from providing services to buyers around the glob.

Some Easy and Quick start Freelance Categories (Niches) for IT students and Professionals by grading:

Graphic Designing: 

  • Logo designing
  • Banner designing
  • Pumphlets, Flyer designing
  • Visiting Cards & Brand meterial designing
  • Pictures and Photographic jobs and resizing, compressing work


Web Designing and Development: 

  • Website & blog designing
  • Personal or Corporate Websites and blog development
  • Website template/Theme designing
  • Website coding and other development jobs
  • Website bug fixing, Customization, Error resolution and differnet other jobs


Search Engine Optimization (SEO): 

  • Websites and Blogs keyword research and optimization
  • On-page & Off-page SEO
  • Traffic generation and website ranking services
  • Content marketing, Advertisement and PPC
  • Google utilities and services


Content Writing:

  • Article writing
  • Copywriting
  • Sales letter writing
  • Press release


Web Hosting:

  • Webhosting reseller
  • Website Transfer server to server
  • Website Transfer within account
  • Website security
  • Virus removal and bug fixing


Earning Potential: Ok so you you know freelance meaning and intorduction + top trendy categories.

  1. Now the million dollar question is, How much money you could make from freelancing ! 
  2. 2nd question often asked, Is freelance a genuine earning source or its a fraude or scam? Do the buyers really pay? 
  3. 3rd most important and frequently asked question is, How the payment can be received in a local bank account or any virtual bank account available online.


How much money a freelancer could make from freelancing ! 

Honestly, there is no limit to make money online as I already told you millions of people and millions of companies are generating 5, 6 and 7 figures from the internet but Freelancing is all game of knowledge, skill and experience.

Knowledge: its essential to know the trends like what to do online that brings income in the present time. A Freelance must be aware of current trends and demands in order to stay in the competition. Just remember you are not only one and not above the all. Its just a play of passion, patience and potential.

  • Passion to accept challenges
  • Patience to get results and accelerate
  • Potential to grow with what you’ve learnt

So a Freelancer needs to be in the market with a personalized portfolio of services and enough experience to inspire the people who are looking for a service provide like a Freelancer is.

Skills: Of course the skill set of a freelancer is tool to generate handsome income using freelancing field. Skills are key to success in eavery field but its a weapon to kill difficulties and hurdles that come in the line of freelancing. As a freelancer you must be skilled in a particular niche or category and there are hundreds of useful skills over the internet that you can learn to polish your freelancing portfolio but initially you need to pick one and focus till you are master in that particular field.

Experience: I usually quote a phrase “Experience has No Shortcut !” and says all itself. You can never beat experience so as much as you learn and practice, you’ll gain experience that is a major factor in a successfull freelancers career from start to finish. If you want me to grade knowledge, skills and experience, I’ll ask you to reverse the order like Experience, Skill and Knowledge as far as Freelancing is concerned in my opinion. Now the question is, how one can be experienced before doing the jobs on the internet? The answer is simple, Try to learn from different sources on the internet like most popular way to learn is video tutorials, then articles, and finally the already done work from other freelancers and you can find them on google search.

However, Let me evaluate basic Earning levels that a newbie Freelancer can make with basic knowledge and little experience.

Expected Evaluation of Earning potential for “Low Skilled, Basic Knowledge and inexperienced Freelancers in Start of Freelance Career ! (This is expected one month evaluation based on my personal experience)

  • From Individual Online Services like Graphic Designing, Web Designing: USD $100 to $300
  • From a marketplace job board like upwork, fiverr, Freelancer: USD $300 to $1000
  • From Individual Online Services like Article writing, Content writing: USD $200 to $800
  • From a marketplace job board like upwork, fiverr, Freelancer: USD $100 to $1000
  • From Selling personal products online using an Ecommerce store: USD $50 to $500
  • From Selling Affiliate products from other suppliers or advertisers: USD $100 to $1000
  • Front Selling Hosting packages as a web hosting Reseller: $USD $200 to $1400
  • From Selling Hosting packages as a web hosting Affiliate: $USD $60 to $300
  • From Selling SEO services as individual freelancer: $300 to $1500

This is just a basic income estimate but not for everyone but an average income for the first month till 3rd month. Once you are in the market, you can polish your portfolio of services, start learning releted things and improve your freelancing career. Also you can add more services that are relevant to your primary services.

For Example: If you provide web designing services, You can easily sell hosting packages to your client if they don’t already have one so it will be a plus income in your earning. Similarly if you are a web hosting reseller, You can offer Web development services to your customer if you know about web development.

Another example is, if you are a web designer, most often the client ask you to design a logo as well so you can add logo design charges to your basic web designing fee and increase your income so you should be active and knowledgeable about the relevant types of jobs. Sky is the limit !


Ok I’hope you are know ready to move to the next level after gaining the basic information about freelancing.

Let’s discuss a most common way to start freelancing !

Freelance Services through a job marketplace as an individual Freelancer:

Freelancing is actually a way of providing online services independentaly as a single entity or as a team to the person or a group or any company (supposed to be buyer, customer or client) for a particular job wich is mutually agreed by bot the parties (person wo need a job done and a service provider who claimes to be the same service provider that is required to be done)

Example: Mr. A needs to hire a Logo designer in USA but the lowest market price of a logo is $100 USD but Mr. A has low budget and want the same job to be done under a budget of around $10 to $25 USD within a certain duration so he submits a job of creating a logo on one of an online job marketplace so that someone who is releted to the logo designing field can contact him to provide the required logo design for a fixed price or on hourly fee.  So Mr A can save $75 from outsourcing the job to anyone availalbe online on a  job marketplace. Similarly the service provider (logo designer) make money online providing logo designing service without spending any money sitting at home or office in the available free time.

So Let’s see whats why the client or customer needs to outsource any job and why a home based local or overseas service provider (freelancer) willing to provide service to him? Even both the parties don’t know each other so they obviously don’t know anything about eac other. The client doesn’t know who is the man or women at the other end and so as the freelancer !

Neither party (client and freelancer) are sure if the freelancer can provide reliable services exactly what is needed by the client and similarly the freelancer (service provider) not sure if he will get paid by the client after successfully delivering the completed job to the client. who is sitting God know where. Here comes an ultimate role of a middle man or a company who can make sure the client will receive an exact required job done by the freelancer and the freelancer to be paid the agreed amount of fee for the particular job from the client. This middle man is an online job borad that is availalble online where the clients submit their jobs and the freelancer submit their profiles and proposals to get that job. the job board takes a percentage of commission which is already fixed and mutually agreed by the client and freelancers.

For instance, Mr A submitted the job for logo designing fixing a budget of $100 USD on a job marketplace depositing the fee of $100 in advance and a freelancer of a different country or a local, submitted a proposal for showing intrest in designing a logo for Mr A,s job and later he successfully delivers the job, and Mr’ A accepted the job with satisfaction, Upon Mr A’s request to release the funds to the freelancer, the job marketplace team will release $100 to the freelancer but after cutting a percentage like 10% or 20% so the final payment a freelancer will receive is $90 or $80 accordingly.

This is a very simple and easy to understand example of a freelance system on te internet.