Elance closed officially on June 27, 2016 – Good bye Elance

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Elance closed ! Its very hard to accept that my favorite freelance jobs marketplace is finally no more. Since 2011, I was connected this world famous, recognized and the most trusted freelance jobs marketplace. Five years with Elance were the best years of my professional life because I started from scratch and learnt almost every thing to perform well on this platform.

Specially thanks to  Elance team, their support staff and administration. I found the best clients on Elance who are still in my contact list even after 5 years gone. Always got quick and helpful response from the Team Elance whenever I knocked them for any issue. 

I still remember, once I withdrew $300 from Elance to my local bank and when I failed to receive the funds in my bank account even after 2 months, I simply requested to Elance for taking action and they did well. My funds were available in my account within 24 hours with lots of apologies from my local bank administration.

Also I still remember, When one of my USA lady client just disappeared after I completed 20 hours online job on her website and I couldn’t see her response or feedback, even no payment was made by here, I simply knocked again to Elance support and they said that

“You will be paid within 48 hours, no matter the client is available or not, because the job was done and it was Elance responsibility to pay_” 

And truly I was paid within 24 hours while I never contacted back to the client nor she did so. I don’t know who paid to me. Was it Elance or the client? But I was paid _ “

Another remarkable memory still fresh in my mind. Once I worked and completed a job of $500 for a USA client. it was an ECommerce website portal. I did well and expected to get paid but unfortunately the client tried to pretend for the things and didn’t release the funds.

Once again I contacted to Elance support and the guided me to the every step we can take to resolve the issue but the client was trying to put off. Then Elance suggested to put the case with “Net-Arb” and they guided me with every step that can be in my favor so I did the same and “Won” the case with the help of Elance.

I found lots of great clients on Elance whom I can’t forget ever. Specially my first lady client from USA who hired me very first day I joined Elance. How luck I was !!! 

She hire me for her profile revamp job. Luckily as soon as I completed the job, She got 2 jobs within the same week and thus she paid me extra bonus as well. 

I’m looking forward now to the newly created upwork.com that is a merger of Odesk+Elance and trying to establish my freelance business on upwork and it seems i’m doing well with 86% jobs success rate and 82% clients recommendations.

Anyways, I’ll miss Elance whenever I’ll look back to my career. Once again Elance was Great !

Good bye Elance – I’ll miss you !!!

Dedicated to Elance Team !