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Freelance Articles successfully completed 5 years and more improvement now being done in order to provide latest information about freelance career, issues, jobs, freebies, and tutorials. Since 2012, this website ranked top positions at Google, Bing, Yahoo, & other search engines due to the high quality freelance content like Articles, News, surveys, Resolutions of several issues related to freelance Money matters, Withdrawals, Bank transfer, Getting started to freelancing, career tips, profile building, proposal writing, website and domain sale purchase, paypal, payoneer matters and issues resolutions and lots of other topics covered under the articles.

The basic purpose to start was to help and support freelancers specially beginners but over the time I realized that a large scale of professional freelancers regularly visit freelancefront and learn interested things from the articles I write. Sometimes I received over 1000 comments on a single article that is the proof of how people were engaged.

The interested thing was that I didn’t knew for a long time that how much the website is popular because I never checked the website traffic but when my hosting provider knocked me and told that the website bandwith needs to be increased due to huge traffic that crossed the limit allowed for the package I selected for

Afterwards, I purchased a reseller account so that I could use my own server and increase the site traffic for some commercial purposes. So this website now frequently getting advertisements as well and I’m open to discuss the hot locations for interested business owners 🙂

Over the time I have been receiving hundreds of emails, telephone calls, skype messages, facebook messages for the issues that the freelancers and job seekers came across in their beginning or later when they go to the next level of making money. Thanks to the students, new freelancers, job seekers, professional freelancers and some business tycoons who trusted in my skills, experience and followed my quality guideline in order to get the positive results for their asking questions.

Specially, Appreciating the visitors who used free resources against some good reviews that increased the ranking on Google and making happen to get the 1st page ranking in the very short time. Also the people (over 17000) who downloaded my E-Book “Website Selling Guide” 1st edition 2014 and notify me the errors, negative, positive and suggested some good changes.

I’m working hard to complete the 2nd Edition of Website Selling Guide e-Book and this time it will have  not only the website but “Website & Domain Buying Selling Guide ebook” that will teach you and guide you through the A to Z process involved in becoming a successful flipper of Domain and Websites.
__ ‘Shahzad Bashir’ (Author –’

When it comes to use as basic SEO / SEM the accuracy rate of the content was found 90%+ and the readers who learnt and use SEO basics from my articles and then optimize their website / blog content then submit the site in Google Webmaster Tools in order to get ranked at the SERP list of Google, they reported that there is significant increase in the organic search results after using the SEO SEM tips and tricks from

So the overall experience of freelancefront website been tremendous and the response from visitors, Students, Freelancers, Domainers, Web developers, SEO providers & bloggers is fantastic. I have several parts of this website to be improved but the load of work doesn’t allow me a lot to do regular updates and this is the reason why you can’t see much content like it had before.

But anyways, I’m on my way and this year in 2017 freelance front would be going to get face lift and sooner you will see graphical changes and layout changes as well. so keep visiting and one more important thing is that: started the new Facebook page from scratch and you guys will be appreciated to “like the facebook page“.

Thanks a lot for getting time to read this post and your comments are welcomed.