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Game overview: 

Happy Wheels Unblocked is a fun physics-based vehicle game. This is the most popular Flash game created ever. The game is popular among the people of every age specially kids and teenagers. The great Flash game with high search rate. Google return 326,000 resutls

website is built on WordPress and designed on great games theme using the attractive colors and graphics enhanced by the happy wheels unblocked games site designer.

It is a great experience to play happy wheels unblocked game with full screen and compact mode as per the player’s choice. Also, a blog page created for thehappy wheels games posts to share the happy wheels articles on the blog posts.

FACTS & FIGURES about website Income 

Note: Unfortunately my Google AdSense account was Disabled near the end of last month due to invalid clicks on my other high ranked website from my rival or someone  else so can’t upload AdSense report to proof Adsense earning. 

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Website Overview

  • Google Adsense Ready website
  • Most popular Flash game for every age
  • Free online game to play
  • Multi player games
  • Great to monetize
  • No experience required to run the web site
  • Put your affiliate Advertisement codes to earn passive income or
  • Sell advertisement space and earn great income


Website Popularity

Please see the attached Google Trends Graph for the keyword “Happy Wheels Unblocked” Game.

It is proven that Happy Wheels Unblocked online Game websites are most popular among the people of every age and specially Kids are more involved in searching the sites that are relevant to the famous character so I used the domain name with exact search and put game to play online absolutely FREE.


Tip to get more visitors and links to this website:

I am sure after optimizing the site using some SEO tips, you will be able to get huge traffic and potential passive income
The keyword “Unblocked Happy Wheels” is very low in keyword competition that means you have a great chance to get high traffic after giving an optimize touch to the site.

How to Manage the website from Admin area?

The site is built on CMS WordPress which is very easy to use even if you are a newbie and don’t have professional skills.

BASIC SEO has been done.
The website is already submitted in Google Webmaster tools, Bing and Yahoo. 
Site submitted in Social bookmarking sites

It’s very easy to manage the website from Admin panel. But if you need help, I’ll provide support without any extra cost.


Monetized with Google Adsense

I had an approved Google Adsense account so I used my publisher id and its very easy to replace Adsense code if you have your own Google AdSense account. 

Other Monitization options ►

There are couple of other earning options available other than Google AdSense.

EpicGameAds.com affiliation is a Google Adsense alternative used to earn passive income.

EpicGameAds affiliation : This is used as Google AdSense alternative solution to earn passive income. The website content is approve able for a new affiliate account on EpicGameAds network. 

The website earned from EpicGameAds.com affiliate commission in the last three months:

January 2014 : $2.02

February 2014: $3.97

March 2014: $5.72

March pending income: $8.31 

Please see attached EpicGameAds account snapshot to verify

Advertisement Spaces available for selling Ads ►

Advertisement space is the best method to get income. There are different popular Ads sizes locations available to sell advertisement space to the Games Advertisers on good monthly fee schedule.

The Banner Ads placements available as below:

728×90 Leaderboard on top of the home page  =  1 of 1
728×90 Header banner under the main graphic available =  1 of 1
300×250 sidebar banner ads spaces available  = 3 of 3
336×280 sidebar banner ads spaces available as 300×250 alternative = 3 of 3

100×100 sidebar banner ads spaces available =  6 of 6

200×200 Footer banner Ads spaces available = 4 of 4

300×250 square banner space inside the pages
336×280 square banner space inside the pages


What you’ll get

  • Keyword rich, kids favorite domain name ”  happy wheels unblocked Games “
  • WordPress website with Plugins
  • Files and database
  • Help & support


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Ultimate BIN Bonus

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Payment accepted through Escrow / PayPal

Let me know if you have any question.

Please contact to buy ! .