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Upwork positive change noticed: Freelance Jobs with high prices in 2017

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Upwork Negative review: A huge downfall in Freelance Job prices on upwork in 2017

After the end of Feb, I didn’t try to apply for a freelance job on upwork. Why? because I was fade up like thousands of others freelancers who found complaining that the posted jobs now from the clients are too much lowered in prices. As I already discussed in my previous article the lowest priced jobs in upwork by the clients after the merger of Odesk and Elance as Upwork.

There was a huge crowd definitely in millions so the clients pulled the full advantage of getting huge jobs for the lowest prices. Even some jobs found like a joke. I had been laughing over the customers who posted those jobs 🙂 ( Sorry to say that I had been laughing). Why? Because if you see a job like:

I’m looking for an expert web designer/developer to create an eCommerce website for 300 products with integration to Paypal, Credit card for online buying. Must be mobile responsive.. blah blah

So what made me laughing over this kind of job? The reason was the “freelance job budget“. Yes the budget $5. sometimes better, $15 and sometimes the best $50. Aren’t it enough to smile ? just because you thing the clients are over smart to grasp the juice of a real developer.

May be new freelancers didn’t notice that because they don’t have idea about market prices or a huge number of those who wanted to supply blood just to keep their freelance Agencies / software houses alive with low budget but huge demand jobs.

Upwork lowest priced jobs: Big disappointment for the freelancers in 2017

 I talked several freelancers on my skype contact list, on facebook, on my blog and direct way and a big majority of “freelancers” were disappointed with this worst situation of lowest priced jobs at upwork last couple of months.

Infect, upwork also analyzed and noticed the downfall in the prices from the clients but the main reason was answerable as the freelancers were still applying and applying with all exceptions so they were managing to deal with those lowest priced jobs on upwork even for $5 jobs.

Freelancers response over low priced jobs on upwork for high quality work

I asked some of them how they manage a job that surely has worth more than $5 or $10 but the answer from most them  was flexible that shows their adaptability towards their profession. Most of them gave the reason of acceptance that just to increase Number of jobs in their Freelance upwork profile. Some told me the reason is to increase the rate of positive feedback on upwork for their profile. Well not bad, but the disappointment was clear and they all were agreed with consensus that this is worst situation and very difficult to manage with.

Upwork Positive changes made to lift up the freelance jobs prices again

Good news is, Now the situation is changed significantly as the jobs now are being posted with standard budget. I am sure upwork analyzed and possibly received huge comments and feedback from the freelancers on this issue or may be their top management noticed that kind of uncertainty and took steps to bring the temperature to the normal again.

Should freelancers join upwork again for freelance jobs?

I can see that there is big change and uplift in the posted jobs now with good or say “standard” prices so that’s a good sign for the professional freelancers who were disappointed even they ignored to check upwork jobs last couple of months.

They can review upwork jobs again and I’m sure they will feel good as much as I’m :). So don’t reinvent the wheel, I mean you don’t need to change their strategy, your proposal format, your dealing method and communication style towards upwork jobs because the weather is normal again. Yes definitely you can bring improvements in the above things but not as urgent as a matter of survival.

This is my personal analysis and if you feel that nothing was bad and you got your train on the track without having any fall in the earning, You must be lucky.

So cheer up guys, Go apply on upwork for freelance jobs with your own standard prices just like you did before. Also share this post to those who quit upwork only for this reason so they can come back and start submitting proposals on upwork freelance jobs with positive feelings.

Good luck everyone!