How to Make Paypal 100% Verified Account in Pakistan Updated Feb, 2017


How to Make Paypal 100% Verified Account in Pakistan Updated Feb, 2017


Disclaimer: This article is written for only providing information that is available online through different sources and the Author doesn’t endorse any method used in this article and does not force anyone at all.

Paypal Account in Pakistan: 6 Step by Step instructions with What to Do and What Not to do!

I have already written on  Paypal verified account in Pakistan topic in 2013 & 2014.

But after the major functionality changes in Paypal in 2016 & 2017, several readers approached me and insisted to dive into the latest available possible solution of making a Paypal account in Pakistan which is a key factor in making money online as a freelancer.

Since Paypal is not functional in Pakistan for whatever reason, Yet it is the most demanding and necessary part of online money-making in Pakistan.

Truly by any means, almost everyone is willing to make a verified Paypal Account in Pakistan.

A couple of years back it was very easy to create a Paypal account in Pakistan using Payoneer Master Debit Card which is a virtual Banking service provider company and fully approved and operational in Pakistan. Freelancers and online marketers used Payoneer virtual account details like Bank Routing Numbers and Account Numbers in order to verify their Paypal accounts.

In 2017, Paypal focused more on security and enhanced the Paypal account creation method so it’s not easy now to get a Paypal verified account in Pakistan but still there are loop wholes that can be used to not only create an account but verify as well using third party resources.

Today I’m gonna tell you the way to create a 100% verified “Paypal account in Pakistan”, Bangladesh, Srilanka, and other countries where Paypal is not operational so far. So let’s get started.

How to make Paypal verified account in Pakistan? Learn step by step:

This is 6 steps process that we will discuss one by one.

6 Steps to Paypal verified account in Pakistan

Step 1. Go to a Fake USA address Generator website.

Step 2. Generate a random address – remember the first 3 digits (—) of his/her phone number

Step 3. Go to a free virtual Phone number provider (create an account with the same Name of the fake account and enter the same “Phone code (—) of the fake USA address. i.e. (908) as the “Area code” so will allot you a FREE phone number with the initial code (908).

Step 4. Go to your web browser (Google Chrome recommended) and install the extension name “Browsec” or any other IP changer software to change your local IP address. (Remember once you logged in to PayPal with the new IP using “Browsec” or any other IP changer, You must use every time the same IP to login Paypal account otherwise Paypal will detect your Local IP and ask you to verify your account so that will be the end of the story and your money will be stuck in Paypal for 180 days or forever)

Step 5. Now create a Paypal account with the same Name & address but add the same phone number that you generated on i.e (908)(xxx-xxxx)

Step 6. Verify your Paypal verification email and log in to your newly created account. Go to the “confirm mobile” option. Paypal will ask you to verify your phone number by “Automated call or Text Message”.  Select the Text message option and enter your phone number i.e. (908)(xxx-xxxx).

Paypal will send the verification code that you can check in your Textnow website account. Just copy that code and paste in Paypal. Your Paypal is now verified and ready to use. Congratulations!

Most Important instruction: Remember that Paypal applies the rule to hold your first transaction for 21 days for security reasons so if there is any dispute from the buyer who sent you money in your Paypal account with the sales you made and get paid, Paypal can return the money to the buyer. If you want to lift the restrictions, You have to make at least five sales without any dispute or issue in dealing so Paypal will activate your account for future transactions.



Do’s and Don’ts while using Paypal in Pakistan

  1. Always check your IP address before login to your Paypal account. If you are using Local IP, change with Browsec and then log in to Paypal. (see step 4 about IP change instruction)
  2. Always use the “Log off” option and don’t close the account from the browser’s (X) sign.
  3. For any reason, If you see Paypal asking to verify your account for any suspicious login attempt, don’t stay at the login page, immediately close the page. Wait at least 24 hours to log in again.
  4. Don’t link a credit card or bank account. It will be rejected.
  5. Don’t send an invoice to any company for the payment otherwise, you may be asked to add or verify your Credit Card or Bank account.
  6. Don’t Send or Receive payment from the “Friends & Family” option. Paypal may ask you to provide details of the relationship or verify your account.
  7. Don’t leave your money in your Paypal account. (Stay tuned because I’ll write a new post and publish another article on “how to withdraw money from Paypal safely”) 

Dear reader, Your money is precious so try to remember the above instructions. I personally don’t like and recommend using Fake accounts so this is only for your knowledge and information and I won’t be responsible for any loss of money or anything that happened to your Paypal account.

That’s all.

how to remove 21 day hold paypal copy

Update: Paypal put 21 days hold on each newly created PayPal account for security reasons. Learn How to remove PayPal 21 day hold to get your payment available instantly.