Step ahead in Freelancing: Beginners Guide for Level 2 Freelancers

Note: This Handbook is written for Beginner Freelancers who have little knowledge about freelancing or have joined freelancing platforms. They have basic information about job marketplaces or eCommerce portals. if you don’t know about freelancing, first go to read “Start Freelancing from Zero: Basic Freelancing Guide for Level 1 Freelancers “ _ “Shahzad Bashir” – the Author. Words […]

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Start Freelancing from Zero: Basic Freelancing Guide for Level 1 Freelancers

Written by: Shahzad Bashir Graphics by: Laraib Shahzad Total Words: 3,772 Reading time: 13 minutes 20 seconds Note: This Handbook is written for New Freelancers who don’t know anything about freelancing and its dimensions. I’ve tried to write in easy English so that everybody with a little English knowledge can understand and practice without any problem. _ “Shahzad Bashir” […]

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Author Introduction

Hey Frontiers! Welcome to my Blog –Since 2012 I’ve been writing articles to teach, guide and educate my readers about Freelance jobs, freelance career, freelancing marketplaces, freelaning tips and tricks, freelance issues regarding payment methods specially Paypal, Payoneer and different others, Payment withdrawal and transfer issues and solutions for Pakistani freelancers. (read more…)   Biography […]

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Download My EBook Free

Al-hamdulillah, 8 successful years in freelancing completed till August 2019. It’s been a wonderful experience with tons of ideas, creativity, development and services durin my 8 years in freelance profession. Now I decided to offer my eBook to everyone wo want to become a successful freelancer. Just Download my EBook Free.

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Watch My Video Tutorials

Watch video tutorials for different levels of freelancers includin Newbies Freelancers, Beginner Freelancers, Part-time Freelancers, Full-time Freelancers, Professional Freelancers and expert Freelancers. Over the years I’ve experienced multiple freelance categories so I’ve a broad vision on different profitable and easy to adopt freelance skills. Watch Freelance Videos and Tutorials

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