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How to submit a Website to the Search Engine using Google Web Master Tools

You have a great website, Attractive colors, High quality Images, Wonderful catchy Graphics, awesome layout and great content. That’s cool and very nice website. But wait a moment !  Has your website been indexed in the Search Engines ?  Well, if your answer is NO, then you are shouting among the dumb crowd. It does matter […]

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How to start Search Engine Optimization from Scratch

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is no longer needs to be touted as there are tons of websites and blogs over the Internet that distributing software and E-Books as well as providing information through their blogs or websites. It is the most consistent term that has been searched as well as asked on different forums, blogs, […]

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SEO Track back for WordPress

Pingback and Trackback ! Does Google consider Pingback and/or Trackback as spam or violation?

Since very first day from creating my website on WordPress, Two options have been disrupting my ideas intermittently about whether or not I should disable Pingback and Trackback as I was curious about how Google take into consideration to these options. Does Google consider Pingback and Trackback as spam or violation?  You must be wondering […]

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freelancing rules

In the line of “Freelancing” New Freelancers must know these simple rules !

Are you new to Freelancing? Intend to get some earning from the Internet but tired to go through plethora of documents, E-Books, blogs, forums etc? Lost your money by purchasing stuff kind of “tips to becoming millionaire over night or some thing like that? No way, don’t find the way out. You’re still in the game […]

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How to remove comment box from WordPress Pages?

Sometimes it seems annoying that you receive a number of comments on your WordPress dashboard for almost all the content including pages. Craving to control increasing number of comments becomes a valid reason in finding a solution of this issue. You go to find Google, Yahoo and other resoureces if there is any option available […]

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7 Tips to become a successful Freelancer in Pakistan

After writing a descriptive article at the end of the month, I uphold the same topic to persuading people who intended to venture for Freelance career. By pursuing my previous article “Why freelancers failure to get freelance jobs“, people interacted by emails and comments on the blog and insisted to go in depth with the same […]

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