Learn WordPress Free by Top Pakistani Freelancer & Professional Web Designer

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Learn WordPress Free by Top Pakistani Freelancer & Professional Web Designer


Shahzad Bashir

Why WordPress is being popular rapidly on the internet in the world of Web blogging? The answer is ‘simple’.  Yes it is as simple as you can play a drag n drop game on the internet or on your personal computer. The simpler is better, That’s why WordPress is getting popularity among the crowed of newbies and that’s fodder a newbie to get into the world of WordPress play ground.

Pursuing our previous articles it’s an addition just to let you know the difference between WordPress.com & WordPress.org. I will concisely discuss over the difference between these two as I know they correlates each other but the one common thing between these two is, they are available Free to use for every one. WordPress.org is the powerful source to design and develop your blog or website while WordPress.com is as simple as playing a WYSIWIG game.

Let me explain first WYSIWYG, it’s ‘What you see is what you get’. Infect you can play with wordpress like a game as it is interesting and super easy to use with the easy to use layout and conveniently useable Dashboard that has all the essential tools to create either a post or page and there is no delay to publish the content, like it’s a matter of minutes.

WordPress.com is the platform where you can start learning with your own ‘Live’ blog. Absolutely optimal and all you need is, just register an avaialble domain under wordpress.com like ‘yourname.wordpress.com and you are done. Get your id and password sent by the WordPress to your inbox and access the dashboard. Now ther real play is started. Check the tabs from left side panel they will show you every thing that you will have to use while designing a WordPress website or a blog.

Such a powerful tools provider is WordPress, you will realize shortly. Once you get into the dashboard you are on your way. Just create posts, write any thing, publish the creation and get result in minutes. Create pages, write any thing, publish the page and see what you have done. Edit your pages, your posts, through the posts and pages to trash then create again and again and you will be fimiliar in minutes about how to create, edit, delete and publish a post and page.

Another thing for playing in WordPress is ‘WordPress Themes’ and it will catch you for a long long time, that’s for sure. Playing with the themes will increase your interest and fun. This is better for your to play with almost every theme.

Install a theme, change, header, background, menus, buttons, edit side bars, Drag n drop widgets and you will notice that you were learning WordPress while you were playing with the items.

So, it’s the time to play around and what is WordPress.org, I will write in my next article. Stay in touch on FREELANCEFRONT for more stuff.

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