wp-comments-post.php not found (issue resolved)

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I have been writing the benefits of WordPress in my articles and there is no doubt about that but nothing is complete in the world and some times you face errors with the things. I installed WordPress on my domain freelancefront.com & selected a theme on my choice, installed plugins, created posts, Pages, inserted images, written articles & every thing was good unless I found that some of my new posts are not being used for comments at all. I realized that some of the posts has zero comments. It was amazing in terms of popularity for those articles. The articles were admired by the readers around the world (according to the available hits stats from control panel) but no comments were there.

I tried to post a comment on one of my latest post and found the error “wp-comments-post.php not found” so that’s the problem why no comments are available. Now what’s the solution? I jumped to the Google Search and tried to find out the solution of this error. Well, There were some interesting suggestions found on Google Search page.

Some of the users said that they found no solution at all. Some said that add so and so code to the Form submission code area. Similarly there was one solution was to copy wp-comments-post.php file from root directory to the WP theme directory & one solution was there to rename the wp-comments-post.php file with wp-comments-post.bak.

OK now let me tell you what I found the tip was, “not found”. It clearly shows that a page is not available at the place where it should be or the page is still there but the file permissions are not set for the comments it looks like permission “000”. The default permissions should be set to “644” Now, all you need to do is,

  • Go to the Control Panel of your domain hosting where your WordPress application is installed. (in my case it’s cpanel)
  • Go to the “File Manager”
  • Locate wp-comments-post.php file and highlight it.
  • See at the “Perm” column. the current permission setting is set to “000”. It means the permissions are not yet set.
  • Change the permission setting to “644” by clicking on that. Save it and check by refreshing the page.
  • Make sure the setting has been changed to “644” and you are done.
wp-comments-post.php not found (solved)
wp-comments-post.php step1
wp-comments-post.php not found (problem solved)
wp-comments-post.php Step 2
wp-comments-post.php not found (problem solved)
wp-comments-post.php Step 3

 Now go to your website and post comment to check whether it works well. Remember that the domain host control panel may be different as every domain host has its own control panel setting but the main process would be similar as described through the images above. I strongly recommend that do not touch any other file at this location except the relevant file. I am sure you will have no error after changing the settings here.

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