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Despite of the knowledge and experience you may have previously with your traditional Web site designing tools, Undoubtedly the WordPress is dominating the Web designing as a popular platform.

One of the main reason of WordPress popularity is that it is an easy to use web editing tool that could easily be used and managed by any one even they are a newbie and having not professional or extra ordinary web skills to create web pages or blogs.

Another reason of getting popular is, WordPress provides both web page and blog designing option so that you can create either a web page or a blog. There is no reason to stop, if you’re going to use both web page and blog in the same platform for your single domain.

The beauty of WordPress is to have both the post and pages option in a same platform. You can either create web page or create a post for a blog included in the same domain.

It doesn’t let you stop here because there is another key feature available for WordPress if you have a self hosted web, The Plugin.

The Plugin is the key feature and it can provide complete support to create either e-commerce website, online store, online shopping site, e-book selling site, Search Engine optimization, Social media marketing or any thing you can imagine, you can use through plugin feature.

Since the trend has been changed over the years, The ratio of transfer from traditional websites to WordPress, is increasing very fast.

That’s the reason I love WordPress, My expertise in WordPress is proven and certified by my International customers and now I love to start WordPress tutorial to the people who wish to put step into the world of freelance Web designing.

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