Start Freelancing from Zero: Basic Freelancing Guide for Level 1 Freelancers

Written by: Shahzad Bashir Graphics by: Laraib Shahzad Total Words: 3,772 Reading time: 13 minutes 20 seconds Note: This Handbook is written for New Freelancers who don’t know anything about freelancing and its dimensions. I’ve tried to write in easy English so that everybody with a little English knowledge can understand and practice without any problem. _ “Shahzad Bashir” […]

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How to make money as a freelancer

Welcome to the world of Freelancing. You are here just because either you are not satisfied with your current job or you might be wandering to get a job where you have full freedom and control on your own schedule. You are not looking for a job but an independent business that you can run […]

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freelancing rules

In the line of “Freelancing” New Freelancers must know these simple rules !

Are you new to Freelancing? Intend to get some earning from the Internet but tired to go through plethora of documents, E-Books, blogs, forums etc? Lost your money by purchasing stuff kind of “tips to becoming millionaire over night or some thing like that? No way, don’t find the way out. You’re still in the game […]

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7 Tips to become a successful Freelancer in Pakistan

After writing a descriptive article at the end of the month, I uphold the same topic to persuading people who intended to venture for Freelance career. By pursuing my previous article “Why freelancers failure to get freelance jobs“, people interacted by emails and comments on the blog and insisted to go in depth with the same […]

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