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70% job success Tips to win Freelance jobs on upwork in 2017

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How to win the freelance jobs on upwork in 2017?

This article is actually a passage from my eBook ” Secret Tips to Win Freelance  Jobs” that is in finalization process but on a huge demand from my readers (mostly new freelancers), I’m going to publish a chunk to help them fast.

This article covers the most important freelance questions and suggestions that are give below:

  1. How to win the freelance jobs on upwork in 2017?
  2. Special Tip for new freelancers that 70% worked for me to get hired
  3. How much price should a freelancer select for the job that has $500 budget?
  4. Freelance Job hiring formula that 70% worked for me to win.
  5. How much chances are to be hired when the clients reply on your submitted proposal?
  6. What should I do when a client replies for my submitted proposal ?
  7. What should a freelancer do if the client didn’t hire after interview
  8. What is the best time to apply for upwork job? A very Special Tip for freelancers.

If you are thinking that this is going to be a very difficult or almost impossible then you are at the wrong side, There is no rocket science beside that you read the mind of your freelance client when you actually go through the freelance job posting on upwork etc.

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  5. Submit a proposal to bid on freelance jobs ! Best successful Tips

All you need to do is just selection of the best suitable job. No doubt upwork is a monster job marketplace where the jobs are coming almost every second, So there is no need to be in a hurry. Just do the following professionally.

Go to the job search page.

Filter the coming jobs according to your preferences like budget limit, hourly of fixed priced, beginner level, intermediate or expert level etc.

type the keyword in the search box to find the best job. For instance, type “WordPress” so that you can see only WordPress web design & development jobs.

Special Tip for new freelancers that 70% worked for me to get hired

I’m going to reveal my secret of getting hired most of the times for the jobs I submitted the proposal for.

You got 60 connects at upwork but since at least 2 connects required for each job, it is supposed to be 30 connects that means you can submit the proposals on 30 jobs.

Consider every connect is worth $5 to $5000 because it depends on the job you are submitting the proposal on. If you submit on the low budget job, the connect worth is low otherwise these connects make you huge money. But don’t just apply on big budget jobs because all the giant freelance agencies and highly expert professional freelancers also looking for it and ready to catch the big piece of pie so your chances to win the job are minimum.

How much price should a freelancer select for the job that has $500 budget?

Try to find the job that has the budget between $100 to $500 initially but don’t submit the proposal for the full price. 95% chances are to be rejected because there will be lots of people from around the world specially from Bangladesh and India who submit the lowest price just to get the job so you should calculate the job budget using the following.

Freelance Job hiring formula that 70% worked for me  to win.

For Example there is  a job with the maximum budget of $500.

  • Budget : $500
  • upwork commission: $100 ( 20% )
  • Upwork Withdrawal fee: $2
  • Payoneer immediate card load fee: $5 (calculate paypal or bank transfer fee accordingly)
  • ATM cash withdrawal fee: $3
  • Total: $110 – $500 = $390
  • So you will get $390 if you apply for full price of $500 but now reduce that to 70% and apply with the price of $275. So simply don’t care what amount is upwork cutting and what are the charges of withdrawal.
  • The client will be billed: $343.75
  • Upwork commission will be: 68.75
  • You will be paid: $275 – $10 =  $265 net cash (Around 27,000 PKR)

This is the best and fair price a client can consider and seems an standard rate so I got the reply rate of 60% from the clients. (Reply means not hiring but the client comes to you and you have chance to get hired)

How much chances are to be hired when the clients reply on your submitted proposal?      

Luckily, According to my experience of last couple of years at Elance and now upwork, the chances to get the job are 90% that you would get hired but if there is a question from client that you are not able to addressed or you are not available at the time of hiring. Also if you failed to satisfy the clients to meet the given deadline otherwise you would get hired I’m sure.

What should I do when a client replies for my submitted proposal ?

Well, You are lucky if a client replies in response to your submitted proposals that means He has made his mind 80% to hire you out of more than 20 to 50 or even 100 freelancers on upwork. So now its time to finalize the hiring process but make sure you are not going to make any mistake because the “client is on your table” and yet you don’t get the job, it would be your failure.

Read his question carefully and try responding as soon as possible because according to my experience, the clients from USA, Canada, Australia and UK extremely like quick response and that supposed to be your a professional freelancer who can be relied upon.

Suggest the best options to your prospect Customer

Don’t hesitate if you have any better suggestion regarding the job description so the client could consider you a “Go to” man with less instructions required from him. For example you can ask the client if he already has a “Hosting” and “Domain” registered if he is going to hire you for “Web Designing or Development”, if He doesn’t have any, offer him a hosting package from an affiliate link that you can get easily anytime. (read my article how to become a hosting reseller)

If the client ask  you to have a quick chat instead of typing messages, You should be prepared with a Microphone and/or video attached “Skype interview. “Again according to my experience if the client comes on skype then You are almost hired. Say 99% clients come to skype interview with the short listed or finalized freelancers.

What should a freelancer do if the client didn’t hire after interview

If your client talked to you on upwork and/or skype, but still did not hire, You can send him/her a friendly reminder with the following:

Hi, I hope you doing well, Just to let you know that I’m now all set to go for this job with all my skills and experience so please finalize the hiring process at upwork so that I can start immediately to meet the deadline you set as I don’t like to cross the deadlines you can see my job history :). Please feel free to ask any question you may have regarding the job or hiring process. I’ll be more than happy to help you. Thanks

What is the best time to apply for upwork job? A very Special Tip for freelancers.

Upwork is a large scale freelance jobs marketplace with millions of individual clients and corporate firms that post freelance jobs almost every second under 100s of freelance categories but there are millions of freelancers and agencies are also active every time including beginner freelancers, intermediate level freelancers and expert level freelancers so there are normally 20 to 50 proposals submitted on a single job but it can be more than 100 if the job has high budget. So in this situation what you should do?

Try submitting the proposal on Sunday that is recommended day to submit freelance proposals on upwork.

Why Sunday is the best day for submitting the job proposals?

Suppose there are 50 Freelance Agencies and 50 individual freelancers on upwork including

  • 20 new freelancers,
  • 20 intermediate level freelancers and
  • 10 expert freelancers.

Sunday is the best day because the freelancers agencies do not work on Sunday and their offices remain closed so that means 50% crowd is less than the normal working days.

Now from the remaining 50% of individual freelancers, Mostly expert freelancers 10 also do not work on Sunday because they have number of jobs in hands with a team of sub contractors most of the time so they usually don’t care about Sunday.

20 New freelancers and 20 intermediate freelancers have chance to submit and win the jobs on Sunday but there comes the different factors and since intermediate level freelancers also have jobs in hands or a bit high rate based on their skills and experience, they don’t submit the proposals for low price jobs or the ratio of those freelancers is very low so now new freelancers have very good chance to submit their proposals on the best suitable jobs on upwork.

The response rate from the clients was around 60%.  Because those are who don’t have the time to post the job in normal working days and You are the service providers who available to get started on Sunday.

These simple tips are the big secrets of my 5 years freelancing career with Elance and now Upwork so try using these tips and tricks to get hired. Remember these are the best tested tips but not 100% guaranteed because it still depends on your skills, experience, communication and availability so be a professional and prepared with all the tools you need to be a successful freelancer on upwork.