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In the line of “Freelancing” New Freelancers must know these simple rules !

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Are you new to Freelancing? Intend to get some earning from the Internet but tired to go through plethora of documents, E-Books, blogs, forums etc? Lost your money by purchasing stuff kind of “tips to becoming millionaire over night or some thing like that?

No way, don’t find the way out. You’re still in the game as you are now on a right place to know what actually freelance is.  Now take a sigh of relief, sit back and answer my question honestly.

  • How much information and knowledge do you have to becoming a freelancer?
  • What category do you want to select for your earning potential?
  • Are you interested in using your skill & experience with the relevant field?
  • Do you believe on an automated earning source from where you may have a regular income with less efforts?

Well, let me start with the first question. It’s hard to believe that no body could make money from any Internet source unless they know some basic for freelancing. There is nothing like that if somebody told you that he or she had been earning from internet since very first day. Absolutely wrong. Be aware of such advertisement saying, learn so and so program and earn $5000 in a week or month or something like that. They are just for wasting your time and money.

change your direction to become a freelancerDo you believe and accept such a source where you do nothing and somebody pays you for no reason? It might be staggering if you accept such a venture without going into the depth that what actually is going on behind the scene. You might have slipped already on such advertisement and spent money to get nothing except loosing your confidence and determination to becoming a freelancer.  Negative impression is not excluded at all.

Remember! Freelancing is nothing except choosing a right direction with knowledge, interest, determination & honesty.

There are simple rules to follow for getting started earning from freelancing.


  • Select your area of interest and find the relevant information on blogs, forums & search engines. Find Articles, subscribe the blogs or website that distribute free e-books. If you wish to earn money from Google, then go directly to Google’s advertisement program like Google Adsense rather than getting information from any third party sources.


  • Selecting a category for freelancing is a bit confusing specially for those who don’t have Computer skills and experience but don’t worry there are thousands of videos available on Youtube or similar video sites to stimulate you for your interest. It’s not speculation. It’s confirmed. Just check it out. 


  • See Videos and read Articles with focus on any particular category. That’s very important to concentrate on a specific Niche which you think is suitable for you to earn money online. For example if you want to be a web designer, the easiest way to learn Web designing in very short time is, WordPress.  You may get more information about Learning WordPress by top Pakistani professional freelancer in my previously written Articles on this web site


  • Another most important thing that surpass all over is, You sell your skills and experience to those who need these. There are millions of people around the World who looking for the skilled and experienced professional to get their job done virtually. For instance if you are interested in getting online jobs for Graphic designing, You must find a platform where the people are waiting for the same job to provide someone. These platforms are Freelance Web Sites that act as middle man. These Web Sites connect you to the buyer or Job provider against a minor percentage from the total cost of the job. Some of these popular sites are Elance, Odesk, Freelancer, Guru etc.


As far as I think, this is the best way to start earning online because it’s a safe way in terms you don’t pay any single penny to any one. Nothing to loose in this type of freelancing. Just overwhelm your fear, scrub your skills, rekindle the wish to go beyond the circle of becoming millionaire over night, tweak your profile, uphold the idea and jump to any freelance job providing website as there are a crowd waiting for your services for their projects that match your skill set and experience.

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