Happy Wheels Unblocked Game Full Fresh Review 2017

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Game in Review: Happy Wheels Unblocked  -updated 2017

Hi, If you didn’t heard or play happy wheels unblocked game, you missed a big chance of enjoyment because this game is awesome that’s why the craze of this game is increasing day by day. I just got a sneak peak about this game a short while ago and surprised that the game is still being played by the people of every age like before. I was thinking that with the passage of time the demand might have decreased as there are tons of hundreds new games have been launched after this one but I was wrong and that is not the case with this game.

In 2014 I first time heard about Happy Wheels Unblocked game when one of my client asked me to do some optimization work on this game website that he purchased from a seller and the site was making good money with Google AdSense and my client wanted to improve the site performance as well the potential income coming from the clicks.

I first time checked Happy Wheels Unblocked game and this game looked inspiring with the modern Flash platform. Yup this is a Flash based game created by popular game developer “JerkFace”. The idea and story is very much interesting and once the player starts the game it must have and end. The most popular game among every age even the students play happy wheels unblocked at school, college and university in there free period. This is how the game is popular among the games addictive people around the world.

Happy Wheels unblocked

The game is built using High Definition Graphics and animations for each level of the game. There are several characters that can be picked to start with. A wheel chair old man is the most popular character that specially children love and select while play this game happy wheels unblocked at school or home. There is a lot more to tell so why don’t you just give it a try by yourself and experience about what I said so far J

It’s a wonderful experience playing an amazing outclass flash animation based game with digital graphics and high quality audio. The music is great and visualization is fantastic. Characterization is very interesting and you can enjoy playing with every character as your own.

Moreover someone wrote on a review site the other day that a group of his office colleague also loves to play “happy wheels unblocked” game in their free time mostly after lunch and enjoy the game playing in different characters.

Happy Wheels Unblocked Game Audience:
Although the game has no age restrictions or geographic restrictions so everyone can play happy wheels unblocked at school, home, office anywhere but my personal observation as an analyzer is that the game is the most popular in United States of America USA since the majority of audience is from USA. The traffic stats shows the daily visits and page views so based on the statistics result I have no doubt about saying that US people are addictive and the big fan of the game and love to play for enjoyment.

Happy wheels unblocked is fun-physics flash based game that can be easily download and install at WordPress website so if you have a website and want to install this game for your website users, the demo version can be downloaded here.
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Game overview: ►
Happy Wheels Unblocked is a fun physics-based vehicle game. This is the most popular Flash game created ever. The game is popular among the people of every age specially kids and teenagers. The great Flash game with high search rate. Google return 326,000 results
Website is built on WordPress and designed on great games theme using the attractive colors and graphics enhanced by the happy wheels unblocked games site designer.

It is a great experience to play happy wheels unblocked game with full screen and compact mode as per the player’s choice. Also, a blog page created for thehappy wheels games posts to share the happy wheels articles on the blog posts.

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§  24,923 pageviews             ——– 7000 so far

► Audience Location

§  95.52% visitors from United States

§  3.15% visitors from United Kingdom

§  1.33% visitors around the globe

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Website Popularity ►

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Happy wheels unblocked

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