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Top 25 Blogs in Pakistan by Pakistani Bloggers Fresh list 2017

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Top 10 Pakistani Blogs and Bloggers list extended to 25 Blogs in 2017

HI, I just googled yesterday for the most popular blogs according to Alexa current Local ranking and  here is the fresh list of 2017 about 25 Top ranked Blogs and Bloggers of Pakistan. Remember I’m not talking about Top money making blogs and bloggers in Pakistan. Instead, I am showing you the list of Top ranked blogs according to that is the most reliable source of providing authentic information about the blogs traffic, audience location, Top keywords, Bounce Rate of a blog and the linked sites.

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This is the most interesting topic and  people always found curious about a ranking of the top listed bloggers and blogs so that they can find the high quality material to enhance their experience for any relevant category.

This time result is surprisingly different believe me because I have been analyzing the top blogs and this time the ranking is different than previously recorded facts and figures. So if you are bored to see the typical posts for “Top 10 Pakistani bloggers and blogs” and the similar faces and blogs details? Wait, This time the case is different because I analyzed a big change in the ranking as compare to the previously published ranking of top Pakistani blogs and bloggers. I’m sure you must be surprised 🙂

I’ve done a research to provide you the New list of top 25 Pakistani blogs and bloggers 2017 and fortunately our blog is also part of the ranking. So let’s get started.

Pakistan’s No.1 Blog and Blogger 2017

propakistaniAAMIR ATTA (Islamabad) is a well know Pakistani Blogger who created this blog in 2008 that provides resources, tutorials, news on IT in Pakistan and this is the most popular tech blog with huge daily traffic and page views. People love to browse this blog for the telecom and broadband news. The majority of audience are Pakistani. The blog making money with Direct advertising and Google Adsense program.

#1 Blog
Local Rank 107
Global Rank 11,120
Site Links 440
Bounce Rate 58.70%

Pakistan’s No.2 Blog and Blogger 2017


syed balkhi wpbeginnerSYED BALKHI (Florida USA) World famous entrepreneur, blogger, public speaker. He is the founder of the Top rated and high ranked blog He was moved to USA and now a days living and successfully managing his business and the blog. Every WordPress designer developer very well know syed balkhi for the blogging and the tips and tricks he provides to the new bloggers. Also earning huge income through direct advertising and Google Adsense.

#2 Blog
Founder Syed Balkhi
Local Rank 2145
Global Rank 2284
Site Links 4993
Bounce Rate 76.70%

Pakistan’s No.3 Blog and Blogger 2017


mohsin-ali-waheedMOHSIN ALI WAHEED (Islamabad) One of the most telented blogger from Pakistani bloggers community is Mosin Ali Waheed. Most popular in Pakistan for the tutorials, tips and tricks and money making ideas that he has provided to the new bloggers. and are the two most successful blogs with top ranking in Pakistan. His blog got 3rd postion according to Alexa ranking for Pakistan.

#3 Blog
Founder Mohsin Ali Waheed
Local Rank 3478
Global Rank 263175
Site Links 75
Bounce Rate 77.60%

Pakistan’s No.4 Blog and Blogger 2017


tayyib-ahsan-odostaTayyib Ahsan (Lahore) A very professional blogger provides hardware & software services at Govt. & Private Sectors for National and Multinational Companies. He created the blog for Technical Arts, Which mean’s a knowledge which everyone seeks from other like Friends, Relatives & Even from an Unknown Person. The blog is in the most visited blogs category and the earning potential as well as the marketing through ads networks is relatively very high.

#4 Blog
Founder Tayyib Ahsan
Local Rank 4368
Global Rank 269492
Site Links 1239
Bounce Rate 67.20%

Pakistan’s No.5 Blog and Blogger 2017


taimoor asadTaimoor Asad (Karachi)
 A Web Entrepreneur, Software Engineer & Technology enthusiast Graduated from Bahria University He is the Owner and Editor in Chief at – One of the leading Technology Blog of Pakistan. Redmond Pie is among the 6 companies from Pakistan with Microsoft BizSpark Network Partnership. His blog has massive traffic and subscribers around the globe.

#5 Blog
Founder Taimoor Asad
Local Rank 4485
Global Rank 8396
Site Links 3006
Bounce Rate 72.20%

Pakistan’s No.6 Blog and Blogger 2017


abdul samad essaniAbdul Samad Essani (Karachi) A Professional blogger and SEO consultant, WordPress theme designer and tech savvy. He is the creator of a great informative blog for learning. Lots of articles about making money online using adsense and other online money making tips and tricks. He is a young guy behind the top ranked blog and the readership of his articles is significantly very huge. The bounce rate of his blog is amazingly low.

#6 Blog
Founder Abdul Samad Essani
Local Rank 5235
Global Rank 243413
Site Links 113
Bounce Rate 45.10%

Pakistan’s No.7 Blog and Blogger 2017


ali razaAli Raza (Lahore) An Internet Entrepreneur who converts visitors into customers; A Google & Microsoft Advertising Professional with years of experience in Internet Marketing, Social Media and Blogging. His blog is one of the most favorite blog of Google and Microsoft professionals and students and they adhere effective information.

#7 Blog  
Founder Ali Raza
Local Rank 6661
Global Rank 389007
Site Links 117
Bounce Rate 57.50%

Pakistan’s No.8 Blog and Blogger 2017

blogging e how

hassam-ahmed-awanHassam Ahmed Awan (Islamabad)
A blog to make you learn how to create a profitable blog and earn good money using lots of effictive tips and tricks. Youtube video tutorial is the strong side of the blog that users love to watch while learning any online money making idea from the young boy. He is showing the real talent of Pakistan.

#8 Blog  
Founder Hassam Ahmed Awan
Local Rank 8507
Global Rank 394856
Site Links 172
Bounce Rate 71.70%

Pakistan’s No.9 Blog and Blogger 2017

my blogger tricks

mustafa-ahmedzaiMohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai (Karachi) A young blogger with first blogging company registered in Pakistan. Mustafa is promoting blogging and money making ideas in Pakistan and a huge number of his readers follow his tips and tricks to enhance the earning potential over the internet. He is a great public speaker with high level top ranked blog.

#9 Blog  
Founder Mustafa AhmedZai
Local Rank 9367
Global Rank 57540
Site Links 4501
Bounce Rate 58.90%

Pakistan’s No.10 Blog and Blogger 2017


Ammar-aliAmmar Ali (Pakistan) A very young blogger who started blogging from school age and now his blog is one of the most proftiable and resourceful blog. The readership is significantly increasing. Ammar is web designer, front-end developer and WordPress expert since 2011

#10 Blog  
Founder Ammar Ali
Local Rank 9728
Global Rank 69007
Site Links 518
Bounce Rate 75.30%

Pakistan’s No.11 Blog and Blogger 2017

fatima wahab addictivetipsFatima Wahab (Islamabad) A talented young female author behind this top ranked blog founded in 2008. The blog covers high quality app based hot categories like iOS Android Microsoft and Google matters. It is a great informative blog for the students and professional bloggers relevant to the same niche. Fitima is a symbol for female entrepreneurs in Pakistan.

#11 Blog  
Founder Fatima Wahab
Local Rank 11270
Global Rank 15114
Site Links 2811
Bounce Rate 83.00%

Pakistan’s No.12 Blog and Blogger 2017


mohammad-ismail-diaryincMohammad Ismail (Peshawar) is a professional Blogger, Motivational Speaker, Founder of that is a technology and Make money blog covering the latest news, reviews, comparison, rooting of android or other Smartphone and all those things which come under TECHNOLOGY, plus this blog focus on how to make money online.

#12 Blog  
Founder Mohammad Ismail
Local Rank 11834
Global Rank 1169128
Site Links 65
Bounce Rate 43.80%

Pakistan’s No.13 Blog and Blogger 2017


Nadeem-khan-chillopediaNadeem Khan (Islamabad) Currently living in Dubai (UAE) is the creator of this blog. Chillopedia is a growing information blog which focuses on various different genres that span the entire cultural spectrum. It is a large team of several IT professionals and bloggers who manage this blog efficiently. The bounce rate of the blog is very low due to the high quality engaging content.

#13 Blog  
Founder Nadeem Khan
Local Rank 19175
Global Rank 349464
Site Links 142
Bounce Rate 41.00%

Pakistan’s No.14 Blog and Blogger 2017


syed-faizan-ali-mybloggerlabSyed Faizan Ali (Pakistan) a 17 year old young guy who is blessed with the art of Blogging,He love to Blog day in and day out,He is a Website Designer and a Certified Graphics Designer. He is blogging on several forums from 2008 and Still love to share bright ideas. is a great blog to learn blogging.

#14 Blog
Founder Syed Faizan
Local Rank 19629
Global Rank 98950
Site Links 5146
Bounce Rate 68.40%

Pakistan’s No.15 Blog and Blogger 2017


nabeel khan nabtronNabeel Khan
 (Islamabad) Nabeel Khan is a very talented blogger. By professiona he is Doctor but loves web developer /programmer as a blogger. A group of students founded and since then this blog is getting high an higher. Currently this is the most profitable blog and the majority of professional bloggers follow him to learn the tips and tricks.

#15 Blog
Founder Nabeel Khan
Local Rank 25095
Global Rank 817969
Site Links 93
Bounce Rate 73.90%

Pakistan’s No.16 Blog and Blogger 2017

mohsin-ali-waheedMohsin Ali Waheed (Islamabad) is the man behind another successful blog He is truly a young talent in Pakistani Bloggers community. Specially a huge crowd of new bloggers ask their issues for making money online and this man is a great helper through his blog. internet-khazana is ranked #16 in our top 25 blogs list.

#16 Blog
Founder Mohsin Ali Waheed
Local Rank 27089
Global Rank 622665
Site Links 122
Bounce Rate 75.70%

Pakistan’s No.17 Blog and Blogger 2017


bilal ahmed techmaishBilal Ahmed (Peshawar)
is the man behind another successful started blogging in 2009. His area of interests is Blogging, SEO, Social Media, Internet Marketing, Technology and Business. This blog is another most popular blog very well crafted and providing great knowledge to the internet users and bloggers.

#17 Blog
Founder Bilal Ahmed
Local Rank 28186
Global Rank 161160
Site Links 266
Bounce Rate 76.40%

Pakistan’s No.18 Blog and Blogger 2017


rehmat-alamRehmat Alam (Gilgit Baltistan) is one of the most talented blogger from Northern Area of Pakistan. He Biological Sciences in Karakoram International University Gilgit. He started blogging in 2006 and now his blog is a big platform for learners specially focused on php. This blog is #18 of our list.

#18 Blog
Founder Rehmat Alam
Local Rank 35530
Global Rank 4833242
Site Links 115
Bounce Rate 47.40%

Pakistan’s No.19 Blog and Blogger 2017


saad-hamidSaad Hamid (Paksitan)
This blog started off in 2007as a platform to share his technology interests. Since then, it has emerged into a solid portal where the readers usually find content on various topics such as tips related to the Windows, Mac and Linux OS, news from the Tech-Industry, reviews about upcoming Gadgets and iPhone-related hacks.

#19 Blog
Founder Saad Hamid
Local Rank 38956
Global Rank 1268417
Site Links 348
Bounce Rate 71.10%

Pakistan’s No.20 Blog and Blogger 2017



Top Pakistani Freelancer SEO SEM Expert Web Designer Article writer author Publisher of Freelancefront.comShahzad Bashir (Karachi) founded this blog back in 2012 for the new freelancers who needed to learn the tips and tricks how to get started with freelance as thier career. He is web designer, SEO, Hosting Reseller and a professional Domainer. Also a freelance author and provide effective guidelines to the freelancers. The blog is mainly for freelance issues and their resolutions.

#20 Blog
Founder Shahzad Bashir
Local Rank 42877
Global Rank 2371219
Site Links 49
Bounce Rate 76.50%

Pakistan’s No.21 Blog and Blogger 2017


naveed-javed-smashingappsNaveed Javed (Karachi) A talented young blogger behind this top ranked blog founded in 2008. The blog covers high quality IT and Apps category for Windows, I phone, Ipad and Android. The users love to visit and browse apps and other related matters. This blog has significant impact over professionals and begginers career.

#21 Blog  
Founder Naveed Javed
Local Rank 69581
Global Rank 116185
Site Links 1283
Bounce Rate 79.90%

Pakistan’s No.22 Blog and Blogger 2017


abdul wali onlineustaadAbdul Wali (Pakistan)
Abdul Wali is a web developer, SEO Consultant and Online Mentor who has been working since 2009 and is managing several successful websites on the internet for last 5 years. This is one of the most credible blog that learners and professional bloggers rely on for their blogging and money making projects and blogs.

#22 Blog  
Founder Abdul Wali
Local Rank 79257
Global Rank 2890321
Site Links 4
Bounce Rate 64.70%

Pakistan’s No.23 Blog and Blogger 2017


ali-qayyum smashing-hubAli Qayyum (Pakistan)
Smashinghub was started in 2010 by a team of Pakistan web enthusiasts. It is a leading weblog and resource site for Graphic designers, Photographers, Technology and web developers. The site is developed and organized by IT professionals team and providing the great knowledge to the readers for each related category. This is #23 top blog of Pakistan at this time.

#23 Blog
Founder Ali Qayyum
Local Rank 80261
Global Rank 134865
Site Links 861
Bounce Rate 78.60%

Pakistan’s No.24 Blog and Blogger 2017


salma-jafriSalma Jafr
(Karachi) is the most popular entrepreneur, and award winner freelancer. She is a great speaker and representing Pakistan around the world with great content marketing services and blogging tips and tricks. She is an MBA from IBA Karachi and She also supports women’s entrepreneurship projects in her role as the Team Lead for GoogleBusiness Groups Women.

#24 Blog
Founder Salma Jafri
Local Rank 85300
Global Rank 5693848
Site Links 16
Bounce Rate 76.90%

Pakistan’s No.25 Blog and Blogger 2017


mohammad-umarMuhammad Umar  (Mandi Bahauddin) is one of the most professional blogger with high popularity graph as well. He shares the online blogging and money making ideas through his blog and have captured a vast audience all over Pakistan. Perfect content writer and blogger with lots of support and help to the new and professional bloggers.

#25 Blog
Founder Mohammad Omar
Local Rank 132830
Global Rank 801722
Site Links 370
Bounce Rate 76.20%

Top Pakistani Blogs and bloggers ranking for 2017 for Alexa Local Rank:

This is list created for the users to have knowledge and information about the talent of Pakistani bloggers and to learn the way the got into top 25. Obviously they all are gems of Pakistani IT community and blogging way making easy with spreading their knowledge and experience to everyone. These are the icons of professional blogging and and encouragement to the new bloggers.

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