Basics of websites flipping – How to buy and sell websites ?

Buying Selling Websites

What is website flipping (buying and selling websites) business?

This is the most genuine business on the internet where you can be sure to get earn the handsome money using little knowledge, efforts and easy to use method of selling online.  Website flipping comes when you buy or create a website that is in demand of buying online. Simple is that you sell the websites that is either ready to make money or already making money by selling digital products, Software or the products that can be shipped.

You should have a little computer knowledge to understand the process of selling websites that is involved in this simple online business.

What should you know before starting website flipping business online?

There are couple of things are neccassary to know before going to sell the website.

  1. website Niche : First thing first you should know what is your website about ? The website can be SEO store, health and fitness, business and finance, Sports, Movies, Games, Jobs and career, Digital product, Goods selling etc
  2. Sales Letter : If you know about the niche then simply create a sales letter that provides brief information to the buyer. Here comes some technical aspects and you have to have some basic knowledge of website traffic, Unique visitor, income proof and snap shots of the website front end as well as the backend called Admin Area. You should describe as much as you can about your website like website content, Links, Affiliation, Product etc
    Also the things that the buyer will get when he will be buying the website. For example
     Domain name – Website images – Videos  – Articles  – Blog  – Website Files and Database
  3. The most important thing you should be aware of is the website hosting where your website is hosted. You must know about the control panel of your website hosting. If your website is hosted with the host that has “Cpanel” then its very easy to sell the website because Cpanel is the most recommended user interface where you can easliy create backups for transferring the website once sold.
    You should be knowledgeable for the following :

    1. How to create website files and directories backup
    2. How to create MySql Databases backup
    3. How to download the backups
    4. How to upload the backup and restore on the buyers hosting account after the site is sold.
  4. Selling websites is the most profitable online businsess but you have to be fully aware of the product or website you are going to sell because the buyers always have questions about the site and the related things like website traffic, income proof, hosting details, Website Transfer and domain ownership.
  5. Besides all above, you have to have some marketing skills for selling the website in good price so you can offer some extra services along with the website sale. For instance, offer the buyer that you would transfer the website free of cost that saves $30. All the content, images, articles will stay on the website  and you never remove anything once sold.
    Also, you can offer 1 to 3 months or full one year Free hosting along with the sale and its truly increases the chances of sale because the worth of 1 year hosting may be more or less $50 to $100 and buyers always like to buy the sites with free stuff like this.
    In addition to that, you can offer basic SEO package to boost the website traffic right after the website is delivered to the new owner and majority of the buyers truly like this offer . there are thousands of seo stores are available to provide the basic seo services so you can buy a suitable package to attach with the sale of your website.
    You can also hire a gig from any microjobs websites for $5 or more.

So these are the basic things you should know before going to be an online flipper. If you like to be a full time website seller, feel free to contact us and we will provide you the complete step by step website selling process and marketing techniques that will earn you guarenteed money right after you finsh the course and getting started selling your first website.