How to Prevent Cyberbulling

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What is Cyberbullying, How to stop Cyberbully, how to trace Cyber bully IP, how to prevent Cyberbullying, Save your kids online from being bullied

Author: Shahzad Bashir

What is cyberbullying? who are cyberbullies? how to stop cyberbullying? how to trace a bully IP address? Who you report cyberbullying to? how to save my child from being bullied in school?

These question was answerable by any means because no one knows how to deal with a person who is sitting behind the screen. You don\’t have any idea about who is bully? Why they victimize children? how to keep away the Cyberbullies from your kid?

Over the years internet is became more active in every one\’s life, our children use internet for education, gaming, movies, talking each other, chatting each other and sharing their interest and other informations with friends and strangers equally.  Using Social media as their community platform, children used to exchange information with their friends, family members & some times with strangers as well and that is the risky factor of the social media because once they share their information like real name, age, email & home address and sometimes their personal infromation, they are on a risk to being Cyberbullied by a stranger who use those information for negative purposes.

Cyberbullying can be classed as any behavior with the intent to harass, embarrass, abuseor threaten a person via technologies used for social communication like most popular social media Facebook, Twitter & other available social platforms.  the statistics show that the Facebook is a social media community where teenagers exchange information using text massaging, videos, images and other resources more than other online media. Using personal information on the internet may cause some serious issues in case a Cyberbully uses those information for above stated purposes.

Should your child stopped using internet? The answer might be confusing for one who has been victimized for Cyberbullying. But you don\’t need to worry any more as there is a piece of program available on to prevent cyberbullying.

What thebullybloka software does? its a piece of software that resides in your browser and you can use instantly as soon as your child gets any thread or something like that comes under Cyberbullying. Thebullybloka provides unique features to trace cyber bully IP address in seconds and then either you can block a cyberbully or report to nearest Police Station about the Cyberbully in just seconds.  The bully blocka is a simple and easy to use tool that provides complete control over web browsing and there is no special education and knowledge or expertise are required to operate this software. You can use this software to protect your kids from a Cyberbully.  I personally highly recommend this program to use for prevention of Cyberbullying to save your child while using internet because the SAFETY FIRST.