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Testimonial & Feedback: the most important for a freelance profile (Part-1)

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As for the betterment of a freelance profile, You must need to improve things that help in getting hired by an online client. One should must be aware about what is the most important thing and what a client reviews as first thing first in your freelance profile before considering you as the project insider?

Testimonials & feedback is a backbone of a freelancer’s profile?

Let me tell you whether you are skilled & professional and have a first class profile with lots of stuff to show case, the client first jumps to your Testimonial and Feedback page to see what comments have you received from your previous clients. So if you have a great collection of excellent feedback as a freelancer, with full marks and full reviews, that would be a helpful tool for making a client’s mind to hire you for the desired project. Of course ! the higher the reviews and feedback impression, the higher the chances for getting hired.

What to consider before going to submit a proposal for an online Job?

One thing you should remember while going to submit a proposal for an online job is, whether or not you are capable and have enough capacity to make sure that the job would be done within the time frame and fulfill the requirements given in the job description instead of getting hired and then thinking about what to do to have the job done.

Ask the client for an Interview before accepting the freelance online jobs.

  • Only  apply for a relevant job where you are 99% sure about providing the desired results. Don’t forget that clients will interview you before hiring is done so that they could be satisfied they are going to hire a relevant professional freelancer for their online job. You must satisfy the clients with the technical and non technical terms (if the client is not a professional or tech savvy), Because once you are hired, the client will hand the responsibilities over to you and only wait for the desired outcome. But in case, you failed to provide the requested results, the feedback for you might be negative and that will leave a bad impression for the future clients. Also you will not be able to get more jobs in the future.
  • The other very important thing you should do is, Ask the client to provide you a complete job description and discuss each and every point to the client. You should have knowledge about the client, whether or not he / she is a professional or have knowledge himself about the project that he/she is going to hire you for. Sometimes the client has not much knowledge about the technicalities and terms about the project that are going to be posted online so as a freelancer you must educate the client if you think that adapting the way that the client needs, would violate any terms or not possible to be done within the required capacities.

testimonialsThis is the most important thing to be check for avoiding future conflict between you and the client. I have experienced the similar situations twice in my career where the client wants to have done such a things that were not possible or violate terms and rules of sometimes “Search Engines terms & conditions and sometimes were not possible within the existing framework. I’m happy because both the times the clients understood and reviewed their requirements.

So these are the most important things to remember and perform prior getting awarded the job. It will also increased buyers trust in you if you ask in details and replied back to their requirements in professional way so that when you finish the job they leave excellent feedback and comments with full marks & reviews that definitely increase your level / Rank in your freelancing group.

Tips & Tricks for Freelance jobs

In the next post I’ll disclose Tips & tricks about how to get higher feedback, comments & marks from a client against your freelance jobs.