Submit a proposal to bid on freelance jobs ! Best successful Tips

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Well, You have been learning about how to become a freelancer, how to find the best platform for freelance jobs, how to create a killer profile, what are the essential tools and rules a new freelancer must needs to  know about, how to find your Niche and What to do for developing your skills and experience for a relevant job.  

Now this is time to take first step towards getting the freelance jobs from a potential client on freelance jobs provider website like and some other I have already discussed on. Now as you have created a profile after choosing a best suited category that matches your skill set and experience, it’s time to find the job from any potential client so you need to browse the jobs by your particular category. For instance if you have selected Web designing category, you must find the jobs through this category rather looking for in Sales & Marketing category. 

Browse the category and try to find the close one that matches at least about 70% of your skill set so that you could comprehensively analyze the exact job description and design an appropriate proposal that addresses all the requirements desired by the client. Your proposal should be based on job analysis and perspective solution that fulfills the exact requirement of the said job. You need to concentrate in finding the best job from the category. Don’t rush for every job rather just finding a close one. 

submit proposal for online jobsIf you have some expertise in designing the websites in traditional style by using the editors like Dreamweaver, Flash & any other tool, you need to know every aspect and every technical method that you could use to provide the best required solution, like you need to know how to create an HTML page, CSS style sheet, Java Script, Multimedia options and so on. Similarly if you have skills in CMS (content Management System) type web designing then you must know about WordPress, Joomla and other relevant CMS platform as well as the tools and essentials like Plugins specially for WordPress so that you could answer every question that is asked in job description by the potential client. 

I recommend you to go through the job description at least thrice so that you could consider every point that is asked to be addressed in the job description. Don’t ignore any single question or query as it’ll leave a neglecting feel to the client so in case you don’t have enough knowledge about a particular query, Just jump to Google search or Youtube/ and try to get enough information about the said. Try to elaborate your suggestions to every point that is written by the client. You can format the proposal with Headings, sub headings, Bullets and numbering and don’t forget to use punctuation where ever required for giving a professional look to your proposal.

You should address the client by his name if the job has the client name instead of ID number. Try to be personalized with the client rather using a traditional method of presenting a proposal this is because you are not a traditional service provider so try to personalize so that Client could feel free to consider your proposal and you for his project insider.  

I recommend you not using any industry jargon or technical language that could be beyond the clients vocabulary or knowledge so he might get confused and jumped to another proposal which is more closer to his knowledge and written in simple words and pretty much easy in understanding rather going to search the technical words. You should provide all the references if required for any particular aspect as well as the time allocation and available time so that client comfortably contact you to discuss over the project. You must provide all your contact details including phone numbers, email address and online chatting software IDs like Skype & Google Talk this is because every client prefers to get update about the project at any  available time specially real time chat.

Wrapping up the Article, I want to suggest you keep your proposal lowest in cost so that if you are new to freelance service providing, You need to build your profile first with some good feedback from the client and need to have samples to show the other customers so don’t try to bid with high costing rather just give the room to the client for selecting your proposal instead of declining just because of high costing without any prior job or experience to show in your profile. So these are the simple rules and suggestions for a new freelancer while going to bid with newly create profile for submitting a proposal to a freelance online job.