W-8BEN Form: IRS.gov 02/2014 instructions How to fill step by step

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Today, I’m knocked by a reader, asking about the 2nd part of my article What is W-8BEN Tax Form? that was written back in 2013 and I promised to write about “How to fill out W-8BEN form” under the guideline of IRS.gov. So let me start the latest updated review for 2016 and the form filled for helping Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi and other Asian affiliates.

Form W-8BEN (02/2014) by IRS.gov

As you know W-8BEN form (Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding and Reporting (Individuals)) is a Tax form that is required to get affiliate commission or income from the online marketplaces or Companies that are native United States (USA) based. 

So, in order to get paid by the USA based firms through any online source, One must have to proof that the beneficiary owner of the payment is a Non-US resident and live outside USA who is affiliated with any US based online company. Without submission and approval of W-8BEN form no payment could be sent to any Non-US resident so this is a legal way to get paid and must be submitted duly filled under IRS.gov guidelines.

How to fill out 8-BEN Tax From by Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi and other Asian affiliates?

First of all download W-8BEN form along with the IRS.gov instructions for W-8BEN so that you could understand what exactly Department of the Treasury “Internal Revenue Service (IRS)” required from you to submit?

W-8BEN-form-filled-under-IRS-guidelineonce you downloaded both the forms, See the instructions but i’m afraid its very difficult to understand for a newbie as the language used in the form is highly legal and required hours to understand each of the line specially for those who are not familiar much of the legal terms.

However I have solved this form and published a filled form the best of my understanding ( I have submitted already and get it approved)

 Disclaimer:  Still it’s a disclaimer and I’ll not be responsible of any kind of mishap or damage since this article is only written and published for informational purpose.

 You can directly fill the form using in “Editable” PDF format and if you have digital signature, use there other wise the you should go to “print W-8BEN form” then fill out like I did and the “scan” and submit to IRS.gov

I’m sure the form would be accepted and you will get paid from any online company that you join and make money at.