How to remove comment box from WordPress Pages?

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Sometimes it seems annoying that you receive a number of comments on your WordPress dashboard for almost all the content including pages. Craving to control increasing number of comments becomes a valid reason in finding a solution of this issue. You go to find Google, Yahoo and other resoureces if there is any option available to implement on your WordPress blog or website to stop comments on pages rather than posts. Let me tell you its very staggering that there is no option avaialbe in WordPress to off or disable comments on your blog pages.

You migh have found a clue in your search result, saying that uncheck “ Allow people to post comments on new articles” under “Dashboard>Setting>Discussion” but its not the case with the pages. By default WordPress has comment box both for Posts and Pages but if you aren’t interested to get comments on Pages, you can’t go with this option as the comments on the posts or articles nevertheless are highly recommended for getting a good rank on Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

In fact, Its excruciating to check comments or daily basis and finding out the spams and legal comments specially when you have a great traffic volume for your blog or website. It’s arduous to check spammers every time you check the comments on your dashboard and spammers don’t give you chance to be detected.

I tried different forums and found a common answer to edit  in comments.php or similar file. I know it’s a bit daunting to touch a coding file when you are not tech Savvy at all.

So what’s the solution now? Don’t be apprehensive as you still have a choice to move on to Plugins for finding a best possible solution. The Plugins are real support for every one and I never disappointed whenever I tried to find something which was not conveniently available on Search Engines result pages.

No comments on Pages” is the Best Plugin that freshen your life by providing easy to use options for your page comment removal. It disables the comments on pages but the users still have choice to comment on Posts or articles and the stimulating news is that you don’t even need to touch any coding at all. Just search the Plugin>Add New>search for “No Comments on Pages” and there you have it. Activate this Plugin and you are done.

Now there is no comment box available for pages while users are still be able to comment on Posts or Articles. That’s a cool feature of this Plugin and you don’t need to edit any php file or coding at all. There are some more plugins in search list but I found  this plugin is the best as it doesn’t required any setting.