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Shahzad Bashir

There are tons of web designing tools available on Internet but what is a most partinent tool that a newbie could use to be a web designer from scratch to jump on a professional level in a shortest time possible? Well although you can count some for the time being but still WordPress is an outstanding platform to start with.

For the reason, I still be stick with the easy to use and newbie friendly options that never been available before in any other blog or website designing tool. Again I would say this is the best & off course smart tool to start with and become a professional content management system designer in a short period of time instead of getting admition in a professional institute to learn web designing basics with complex coding.

Another strong reason to choos WordPress, is its external programs called ‘Plugin‘. I must say that plugin makes WordPress such a comfortable and easy to use that any one inspite of having zero knowlege about web designing, could create completely smart looking blog or website without facing any problem with relavent graphics, images, icons and videos attached.

As a web enthusiast, I tried to compare WordPress to other available platforms like Blogger & Tumblr but the latest trends and statistics are going in favor of WordPress because not only it is popular for both blog & website desig purpose, but its being used for almost every purspose of Education, training, business, social media page designing & online stores for e-commerce as well.

Evaluating your content and aim you are going to create for, it may seem daunting initially, but having a little help to get into crowed through Article or relavent videos available on tons of websites, may leads to a great beginnig of a professional level designing for blog or  content heavy web pages. Indeed WordPress is providing stimulating resluts for Freelance web designing around the globe from every aspect of personal or commercial use.

As a WordPress freelancer I see a huge market potencial in the future and wish to create resources to show how one could use this platform not only to become a freelancer, but to facilitate others by opening the doors of long lasting self employement opportunities to overcome a great demand in this category very shortly.

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Since more than a decade Shahzad Bashir is been providing Online marketing, Computer education, Web designing, Graphics, CMS management, Online freelance project designing, Implementations, Social media marketing on Facebook / Twitter etc and specially WordPress Websites & Blogs designing, Editing, Troubleshooting and tutorial services, to his local & international customers around the World. He is Pakistan\’s top freelance WordPress Professional. Please visit for more invformation about the Author.