How to start freelance job

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How to start freelance job 


Its easy and simple. If you have a computer with a good Internet connection, then you can avail this excellent opportunity. First of all you need to know about

  • what is freelance? 
  • how to become a freelancer?
  • what are the best places to start freelance projects from?
  • to whom you will provide your freelance services?
  • how to provide freelance services?
  • what skills are required to become a freelancer? 
  • how to get paid for your freelance services? 

These are the basic questions that every one has in mind when going to start freelance-job. It is highly recommended that you carefully understand all about the above question before getting into this vast freelance profession. It is really a vast field but it becomes too short when you start with incomplete or no information about these basic questions. So I will try to Educate you about all above and more relevant questions in sequences so that you can easily learn and understand all the aspects that are required to discuss on.
If I go back to the past, I have been working in the different fields like
  • Life Insurance Marketing & sales
  • Life Insurance Recruitment, Training
  • Teaching Computer courses
  • Door to Door Marketing & Sales
  • Multi level Marketing
  • Product Marketing
  • Computer Sales & Services
  • Hardware / Network support
  • Digital Video Screen operating for Cricket Stadiums
  • Web & Graphics designing
  • & more
But I didn’t feel perfect that I can say ” Yes this is what I wanted” because either I have worked for any company or my own business, I didn’t feel like so.
I had been wondering whenever I told by newspaper ads, online job ads, money making sites or other ways that freelance online jobs give thousands in a day or week  and you can earn in five figures or you can be rich over night with our online program just do this and that & blah blah…
I just want to say Yes I believe one thing from the above statement.
You can get a high income but not over night.
You have to use your Education, Skills, Experience and Ideas.
I give you guarantee, If you have patience, capability and believe that you can earn as much as you wish but you have to show and prove that you have competent to get what you want.
Now I am going to tell you how to start Freelance job ?

I want to say if you are not familiar with internet, you have to learn some basics about Internet operations. For this purpose I would strongly recommend because you can find thousands of videos on this social websites that teach you how to use Internet.
First of all you need to have a Computer and a high speed Internet Connection.
You need to understand you niche because you can’t get any thing unless you know what you are skilled in? It is not difficult if you believe that
You are skilled or you think you are expert in any following category
Writing / Marketing / Sales / Graphic / Web / Programming / Office Automation / Finance / Admin / Technical / Legal / Academic / News  etc.
for instance a if you are good to deal with documentation like writing articles, typing, spread sheets , letter, applications, presentation, filing, record keeping etc then you have to choose “Admin & support” category as you are familiar, skilled or expert in this niche.
Now you have an idea that what is Niche and why you need to understand your Niche. Remember always select the category you feel you are good to deal with.
I once again strongly advise you don’t take it easy if you think “You’ll try all the categories or some categories” and then decide what is better for you.
Remember your first attempt might be your last and you can lose all your focus and concentrations if you failed in first attempt.
For instance if you think you are good to go with “Admin & support” category but you select “Sales & marketing” category even for testing purpose, You will waist you time and when you are not getting jobs, You will be disappointed and that will be your end and you’ll lose a better income and You will be in the group of those people who say “Freelance is not for me”.
  • You lose your Niche means You lose a better future ! 

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