What Does a website require to be listed in Google Search ?

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Do you perceive why your website is not listed in Google? I have been asked some questions by my readers that they have websites submitted by the website submission software and it’s been a long time since their websites are not appearing in search results. Even some of the subscribers told me that they have paid for this but had no luck. How long will it take to be listed in Google search results?

Well, before going to answer your questions, Now this is my turn to ask some questions to you guys.

1.  Do you think automated software can submit a website to the search engine just like a human?

2. Did you go through the Google blog and articles about what is the best way to submit a website to the search Engine?

3. Do you think your website is fully compatible with the terms and conditions that Google required?

Google like ContentOK, Now let me say it un-ambiguity rather crystal clear, that if you have a website that complies with the policy that Google has set for websites around the world without any difference of locality, language, and anything else, There is a crystal clear policy that says “If your website has original content that is relevant to your niche that provides sufficient information to the reader, Google picks your website links and shows in the search results as soon as a website submitted through the sources that announced by Google

I have written three articles in the previous month about how to add a website to the search engine using Web Master tools. No matter what is the subject of your website on, if you have original content on your website, Google will not take too long.

This is true, when you go to submit a website to Google, you get a message saying that it will take a month or so to be indexed in search engines but let me tell you that Google only prefers content that matches the policy. I emphasize that one should go through Google policy before submitting their website URL to the search results.


Why Google?

The answer is as simple as the question. This is the only platform that provides a way to tell people about you and your website. No need to mention Google’s traffic volume, search rate, business volume, and the benefit to be listed on Google. Of course, there are several other popular search engines, but Google rules the world of the Web.

Why do People search through Google?

Over the years Google provided incredible convenience to a user in almost every field of life. There is no doubt that when a user needs to search anything, jumps to the Google search. This is because it is fast reliable and caring. Google always prefers the best content to show in the results so that one can find what one looking for. No matter whether you type anything in the search bar, even any spelling mistake, Google provides the exact search results that match your need. Google is so intelligent.

What if you need to find a particular thing and you don’t get the required results? 

I am sure you will not go for using anything that doesn’t provide the required results. Thus if you want to search WordPress error solution for your website and unfortunately you see the links that lead you to the Freelance Articles, what will you do then? that is the reason why Google doesn’t compromise on relevant content. The content provides an exact match with the search terms.

How long Google takes to index a website? 

One of the best SEO professionals says about this, “Don’t wait to be searched by Google. Instead, go and add your website as soon as you finish with the genuine content no matter in text, images or video format”. Google wishes to provide the best results. As far as my website is concerned, I observed that my every article is indexed in Google search results within three to four days and that is because I write easy-to-understand content that users love to go through so remember only one thing that will open the gate from Google to enter your website and it is “Write for the people, not for Search Engine“. The formula is so simple “Genuine content takes no longer than a week but irrelevant or bogus content has no chance at all.