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Pingback and Trackback ! Does Google consider Pingback and/or Trackback as spam or violation?

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Since very first day from creating my website on WordPress, Two options have been disrupting my ideas intermittently about whether or not I should disable Pingback and Trackback as I was curious about how Google take into consideration to these options. Does Google consider Pingback and Trackback as spam or violation? 

You must be wondering if I’m not going into the descriptive details about what actually Pingback and Trackback are, Instead of that, my primary goal is to clear the confusion particularly regarding Google’s behavior about these terms. I’ve been craving for this over the weeks and found mixed answers on different forums that arouse curiosity to thrive my endeavors in searching the exact answer that freshen up my life when I am going to correlate with the Search Engine.

pingback-trackback spamming ?On the other hand, I asked the same question on Google forum and found the answer negative in terms of spamming. It means that Pingback and Trackback options are not considered as spam by Google but let me dig more in tweaking a little bit this article. I want you to check top three options in WordPress dashboard>settings>discussion. You could un check any option if you don’t like to go with. These options nevertheless are enabled by default that shows the importance of these according to WordPress. I rather like to enable them to improve my website popularity amid the other top WordPress blogs or sites.   

One more discussion distracted me and this time it was a discussion between a website owner and a tech savvy on Google’s forum saying that he has disabled Pingback and Trackback and that clearly indicated that he was struggling to improve his site according to Goolge terms. In contrast, I have read some more content through some reliable sources showing these two as important factors while going to improve Search Engine visibility. Infact it does matter when it comes to Search Engine optimization.  

Envisioning about these options to be considered as spam by Google, is always daunting. Although the number of positive remarks in favour of Pingback and Trackback are more than the negative, but they certainly exist and over the time it has been raising the question of their credibility specially after major changes in Google terms for Search Engine Optimization. 

I’m craving for finding the best answer as I think a group of bloggers, web designer and SEOs are in need to improve their Search Engine ranking by utilizing the fearless options according to Google terms and policies for the Search Engine optimization. It might be no need of any clarification regarding this question, but for avoiding any misconception regarding Pingback and Trackback, Google should release a statement about what exactly the right way in terms of these two powerful WordPress options.

This article is based on my personal thinking and findings and does not apply to force any one by any means. Please leave a comment for what do you think about that?