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WordPress 5.0

You may or may not heard about WordPress upcoming version 5.0 that is about to launch in May 2018. Having said that it will be a game changer in WordPress blogging. So,  if you don’t yet know about what is going on, keep reading this article till the end.

WordPress Gutenberg Plugin :

Certainly you’ve been usin text editor pluin “TinyMCE Advanced” in your wordpress blog in order to write content for post and page, form, codes and copy past Ms Word, Excel spreadsheet etc. So you are familiar this plugin as a basic and the most required part of a wordpress website.

Now its time to change because in wordpress version 5.0 is coming with a built text editor named “Gutenberg” as a major part of writing posts and pages in text or visual mode. It is in testin mode at te moment but you can download Gutenberg Plugin to test on your existing website or blog.

Does your existing theme support Gutenberg ? Just install and activate tis pluin to explore advanced features of Gutenberg. Its free to use for everyone. After installation and activation of te pluin, you will see exact same interface as  “first look” below.

if your wordpress template / theme supports Gutenberg plugin, you will see picture tools at the top left of the picture.

  • Gutenberg Plugin interface first look

gutenberg first look

Download Ultimate Guide to WordPress 5.0 & The Gutenberg WordPress Editor

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