Freelance Plan & strategy for 2016

2016 Strategy & Plan for freelancers

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Welcome 2016 ! Every body must feel a new excitement in the beginning of every New Year. New plans, new strategies, new relationships, new features & ideas. But wait a minute ! Did you plan your freelance career? Yes, it’s a really essential part of your career that you should design a strategy and plan to move ahead in 2016. Here are few basic things that should be reviewed & reformed. 

Freelance Portfolio Tips:

You have a great portfolio or may be you are thinking to create one if you just entered in freelancing world. When you generally think about portfolio, it looks a simple thing. I mean you think oh, no problem i’ll create a free account on a free web host and register a sub-domain and just upload my best Designs, Links, images etc. But when you go create there are several things to be considered. 

Free Hosting  Free Domain:

Well, free hosting accounts or sub-domains are good but not the best idea. Today, we see that the web traffic is every thing. No visitors means no visibility and NO EARNING. Also this is a fact that you can’t get enough visibility in Search Engines if you have free hosting and sub-domains. 

For example if you go to create a free host at and create a free account then you have to register a free Domain name (Web site URL) but it would be a sub-domain 

Cheap Web Hosting and .COM Domain:

Now, Unlike this, You should buy a cheap low priced web hosting and register a domain name (web site name) at,, etc using their promo codes (discount codes) as low as $0.99/year. Selecting a domain with “.COM” extension is the best idea since the Search Engines quickly pick and prefer .COM websites for their Search results. 

BUY Cheap Low Price Web Hosting package as low as $49 / year


Now the next things is to install WordPress for your portfolio website base because its super easy to use, customize and edit as compare to the other CMS based programs like Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart etc. Also millions of great Free WordPress Themes Templates and Plugins are available to use for your Website. Once you installed WordPress, just find a best portfolio theme template from Free themes providers website and customize according to your choice. 

Broken URL Links:

If you already have a portfolio online in a website, Make sure any link/URL is not broken and all the designs internal and external URL links are working properly. Remove outdated old designs from your portfolio gallery and add new latest Graphics Images Videos pictures or samples that is fresh and just created to meet the current market trend. 

Responsive Design Theme Template:

Specially check and make sure you have a Responsive WordPress Theme Template that is suitable for all devices like Mobile, TAB, Desktop and Mac. Just Remember that now all the search engines prefer Responsive Websites to show in their search results so getting ranked high on SERP list, you have to have a Responsive design. 

Check Google Mobile Friendly Test for your Website

You can check every website Mobile friendly test using the above Google link and if you see the result in failure, you have to select another Responsive Theme Template that passes Google Mobile Friendly Test. See example below :

Google Mobile Friendly Test Sample