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Freelance Alert ! Elance winds down in January 2016

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Get ready to hear the final announcement about Elance wind down in the current month. Elance finally going to be shut down and advises the freelancers as well as the Clients (individuals / Companies) to shift their freelance agency / individual profiles to Upwork as soon as possible. 

All the new job posts are now being redirected to Upwork so both the clients as well as the freelancers are requested to continue their business / services on Upwork. Also the new Clients are redirected to Upwork from Elance so if you have your clients on Elance, Just remind him/her to get you on Upwork for any further work in future. 

No1 Freelancer on Upwork

Elance says that “rehiring” will not be possible on Elance by the end of January 2016. So if you have a list of very good constant clients who usually rehire you by simply login to their Elance accounts (and don’t have your personal contacts) You’re going to loose them just in case you ignored to remind them for moving their profile to Upwork so far. 

Freelancers and Client on Elance to Upwork Must do this :

As a freelancer I know this is an important task to keep the client update for any changes comes from the management of the platform where you stand to hold your service portfolio. Having a client with one or more repeat jobs in a year, means a satisfied customer lost in the crowed if you couldn’t hold and get him the way out to the new destination.  

So send your Upwork profile link to your Elance clients if you haven’t already. Another very important thing to check is, The clients usually don’t get into complications if faced during the moving profile from Elance to Upwork, rather they go to find an easy way out. Yes, you should check whether or not your client successfully moved the profile or created a new one.

Its important because if they don’t move their profile and create new account, the will not be able to check the older conversation that was between you and your client for the past jobs. That means whenever you or your client need to check something that was discussed in past like account credentials, URL exchange, discussion on any service related product etc, will not be available to review and that will be a great loss and may waste your time to recreate or re-search the things that could be easily done if you had that.