Upwork New Payment Method Direct to Local Bank (previously Local Funds Transfer)

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Upwork announced a new Payment method “Direct to Local Bank” (previously Local Fund Transfer)

A new way to withdraw your funds – for even less than before

In 2017, this is a really big news for the freelancers outside USA specially in Pakistan who work and earn with the web services like Web Design & Developemnt, SEO, Hosting, Domain, online Marketing and other 100s of categories at but when it comes to withdraw their hard-earned money, they face problems as there was not direct withdrawal option to their local bank. The Local Fund Transfer was an option though, but now it is a great news since the freelancers now are able to withdraw the funds directly in their Local Bank Accounts in Pakistan. Just add the Direct to Local Bank as a new payment method in your freelancer individual or Agency account and get your funds transferred quickly just for $0.99 per withdrawal (previously $5.00 per withdrawal).

Now you can send your earnings to your local bank account in PKR for only $0.99 per withdrawal—lowered from $4.99.

This is an awesome way to get paid without any hassle that previously freelancers have been facing so receive your money in your local currency. Just Set it up in your Get Paid settings by clicking “Add a Payment Method” and selecting Direct to Local Bank.


All you need to do is, just add your Local Pakistani Bank account in the payment method option and remember that not all Pakistani Banks are supported so you need to add a bank that is recognized by upwork. I tried to add Habib Bank Ltd but upwork denies to support HBL Bank so don’t waste your time in finding Swift Code or IBAN # if you are Habib Bank account holder.

Which Pakistan Bank is supported by upwork for “Direct to Local Bank” Payment method?

The best way to get your fund transferred through upwork new payment method, is to add Bank Al-Habib Ltd in your freelance account since this Pakistani Bank Al-Habib is recognized and supported by upwork and you can easily add as a your individual or freelance agency fund withdrawal/transfer source.

Find Bank Al-Habib Swift Code & Generate IBAN Number:

Definitely, You have to find and add your branch Swift Code and IBAN # to get your payment method accepted by upwork. the Swift Code of Bank Al-Habib is BAHLPKKA and the IBAN # can be genereated through the online IBAN Number Generator page.


So if you don’t have a Bank Al-habib account, visit your nearest branch to open an account in order to add as a Local Bank Account for getting paid from upwork.

Skrill will no longer be an option for withdrawing funds from Upwork.

If you previously used Skrill to get paid from upwork, Be notified that As of April 24, 2017., Skrill will no longer be an option for withdrawing funds from Upwork. After this date, this method will be automatically removed from your Upwork payment settings.

Finally, The new added Direct to Local Bank option is an efficient and way to transfer the funds from upwork to your Local Bank in Pakistan that saves both time and money.