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Domaining Essentials ! Understanding Domains Trend


Let’s assume you are a new born in Domaining (Domain buying selling) and don’t even know about the meanings of top level Domain extensions. So let me ask you a very simple question. Tell me at least 10 websites names you ever heard? I bet at least 8 out of 10 would be a “.com” name in your list. Like, isn’t it? Let’s find out why do most of the people remember the domain names with the extension .com? and what’s .com meaning?

The “Dot Com” (.com) extension means “Commercial” and it is an extension to understand the category or nature of the website or blog. There is no question about the .com extension’s popularity and demand.  Even resell market price is unbelievable for this extension.

Let me tell you few more “Top level Domains extensions” and their meaning.

.COM: stands for “Commercial”
.NET: represents to the “Network”
.ORG: used for “Organization”
.INFO: suitable for “Information”

Over the years these extensions found and considered to be the best for using the websites and blogs. However, there are lots of other have been launched and now being used for the online identity & presence on the internet. Few other may be considered as second group.


These extensions are good to use for there relevant content. Like, .TV is to represent a website or blog related to TV content and similarly .WS has been purchased for representing “Web Site”. Since the launching of .Me its been great for the “personal” website and blogs.

So, you could learn more about these but in the end if you talk about the best extension, 90% answer would be in favor of .COM and I’ll tell you in the next articles, what is the reason why the .Com is hottest and will never be down or lower in its importance.