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Top Pakistan Domainer SHAHZAD BASHIR is a well known freelancer in the global domain industry who has been buying & selling Premium Domain names since 2012 and has been sold Hundreds of premium Domains at the World’s top after markets like Flippa, Godaddy, Namepros, Sedo etc. He has over 18 years sales and marketing experience and he utilize his experience in online trading for the premium domain names. He is the pioneer Domain articles writer and excellent speaker with great knowledge about current domain buying and selling trends.

There is no doubt that Pakistan have great talent in every category of online services. Pakistani freelancer ranked at the top of the list of the web services providers around the World with the latest and advanced IT technologies. Although there are not enough support at the Govt level and as far as the online career guideline concerns, there is little support available for the freelancers precisely the beginners. So the only way to guide and educate the IT professionals & students who want to become a successful freelancer in order to use their skills and expertise to generate income and build their career as a freelancer. They are brilliant at Web Design & Development, Programming, Graphic, App development, CMS WordPress, Joomla Drupal, ECommerce, Web languages, Accounts and Social media and so on with remarkable success stories that make them “Top Freelancers in Pakistan“.

Besides all those categories, Domaining in Pakistan so far is the least popular method of earning that can be used by the freelancers if they want to make money with buying and selling domain names at international after markets like Godaddy, Flippa, Sedo, Namepros and so on. He has already written briefly about the reasons in his article “Domaining in pakistan how to start domains buying and selling“.

Top Pakistani Domainer Freelancer SEO SEM Expert Web Designer Article writer author Publisher of Freelancefront.comHe is a great blogger who always highlights the topics that needs to be explore for the Domainers of Pakistan. He encourage Pakistani professionals and investors for becoming a part of global Domain market where huge potential is waiting for the right domainer and it’s really very easy to make money with buying and selling premium domain names to the buyers around the World.

He knows how to deal with the issues that commonly hit the Pakistani Domainers like online transaction method using PayPal since PayPal doesn’t operate in Pakistan and this is a big disadvantage for the IT professionals, yet there are several other methods available to deal with online buyers and sellers. He provides consultancy services to the international domain investors for writing high quality sales content and sales letters for any particular domain name that can be sold at the marketplaces for thousands of dollars. The sales letter required to sale the digital goods like Domain name, explaining the market potential, Domain market values and appraisals, Investment potential and profits.

Over the time he has been making his Premium Domain portfolio and currently has over 100 domain names with the main keyword rich and premium domain names in several extensions. he acquired technology domains, single words, two words and numeric domain names in his portfolio that make him a “Top Pakistani Domainer”. Shahzad Bashir has the “VIP” status with Active Member at the World’s top domain buying selling forum “Namepros”.