Godaddy Domains Auctions page Advanced Search

Godaddy improved Auctions Marketplace page Advanced Search option

Domaining is one of the top after market for the domain name resellers and millions of Domainers use Godaddy Domains marketplace in order to buy, sell, search their preferred domain names from Godaddy Auctions. No doubt, Godaddy is a huge market and the dealing never stopped there as millions of buyers and sellers keep dealing 24 hours on this top domain marketplace.

You could find the best aged domains, keyword domains, single word, two words, Any category domains, Numeric (Numbers) Domain, ccTLD, gTLD, in hunderds of new extensions as well as Top level extensions .com .net .org .info .biz .me .tv etc. from the Advanced Search panel.

Advanced Search Tool in Godaddy Domain Auctions Page

Also there is different buying Selling options in the Auction like “Keyword search, Price, Type etc. You can search an exact match domain, exact given price domain or buying through Public BUY NOW, Closeout Domains, Expiring or Public Auctions. Also offer and counter offer option available to offer and/or negotiate to the buyer for a selected domain.

There is very important placeholder / column at Godaddy Domain Auction page within the tool “Advanced Search” this Auction page is updated in January 2016. I noticed it a couple of days ago that the options “Domain Age“, “No of Bids“, “Traffic” and “Ending in” are now improved in Advanced Search panel.

Godaddy Auctions Advanced search options
Previous Advanced Search Panel before update. See the right column for Domain Age, # of Bid, Traffic & Ending in options.

For Example, You could search the domain name of your selected extension using the tool “Domain age” and there are two fields of “Minimum age and Maximum age” and you could search like “Min 10 years – Max 15 years” domain name easily by just putting the values into the fields.

Similarly, you could searched the domains with “No. of Bids” and that was a great option to search valuable domains right away. Even another great option to search the “Traffic Domains” which is very much helpful for the bloggers, Web developers, and investors because they could find the domains with already ranked or previously getting traffic from the search engines.

Godaddy Advanced Search Panel in Auctions
Current updated Godaddy Auctions Panel with Advanced Search 


This is great tool for the regular professional Domainers who used to this tool for quick searches of the aged domain and that is a very good tool to help and minimize the search time that they will be surfing without this in order to find the great aged, traffic domain names from Godaddy Auctions.