Autonomous Cars Driverless Self-Driving Car Technology News


Autonomous Cars Self-Driving Cars or Driverless Cars Technology Coming Soon

  • Just remember the most popular tv series Knight Rider 1982 – 1986. A Car that was Self-Driving without any control of human body and mind. Sometimes the Car was driverless but running smoothly on the highways and inter city. That Autonomous Car dream is now going to be come true and 2016 would be the year of Autonomous Cars, Self-Driving Cars or Driverless cars Technology News year.  

Autonomous Cars – Google prototype Vehicle

  • The Autonomous Cars Self-driving Cars  Driverless Cars are ready to redefine the transportation and traveling of the World. This is not just a speculation but let me tell you that even Google is working on a prototype vehicle that will be an autonomous Car and would take the passenger(s) any where for only a push of button.
  • Google-Driverless-car-wallpaper-hd4 The “Autonomous Cars” required No Driving so you could imagine how easy and relaxed travelling you could enjoy in the future. Check the link for Google Autonomous Car prototype vehicle

First Autonomous Car

  • The first Autonomous Car from Toyota is expected in 2020 (Source: Wired.com, 2010-10-08) But you would be reading, watching and listening the news about Self-driving Cars unless the first Car is available in the market. You will be able to get timely news about the advantages and disadvantages of Autonomous Cars. 

Autonomous Self-driving Driverless Cars Price Design Model

  • The Autonomous Cars Prices, Desgins, Make and Model, Maintenance, Services, dealing and Import Export news of “Driverless Cars” would be coming frequently by the Electronic and Print Media. Will the Self-Driving Cars technology a new beginning of Modern transportation and traveling or it would be rejected by the World for any unavoidable reason? The time would decide about it.

Domain name Registration & Buying Selling for Autonomous Driverless Self Driving Cars by the Domainers

  • For the moment, the domaining (Domains buying Selling Niche) is once again being electrified with a sharp and lightning spark and the Domainers became active in order to registering the domain names (website names, blog name) URLs. Undoubtedly, the Autonomous Cars, Self-driving Cars, Driverless Cars keywords Domains would be a huge opportunity for the Domainers in future and it may be a start of a new motivated Niche ready to be invested huge money from the investors. 
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Freelance Money making Jobs opportunities for Freelancers 

Another great opportunity would be created for the Web Designers and developers for Autonomous Cars Self-driving Cars Driverless Cars Websites and Blogs design and development. That would be a great rapid boost to make online money for the Freelancers Graphic Designers and SEO (Search Engine Optimizers) to provide Freelance Services to the individual or Corporate buyers / Clients of Autonomous Cars Driverless Cars “Self-driving Cars” . 

Pictures source : http://www.theplaidzebra.com/autonomous-cars/