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Domaining in Pakistan! How to start Domains Buying and Selling


According to the Global online Employment report issued on yearly basis. Pakistan is at Number #3 in providing high quality online digital services in almost all the web categories including, Web Design, Development, Graphic Design, Hosting services, Programming Languages, Administration, Networking, online buying & selling etc but when it comes to Domain Buying & Selling (refers to Domaining), Pakistan’s position is quite low in the list of professional domainers.

This is a certain reality that there are several reasons behind the scene but the major problem is the lake of interest and lake of knowledge that brings Pakistani Domainers down in the list of Domainers. When I say the lake of interest, that means the Domainers & investors in Pakistan have strong reasons to ignore global level Domaining because there is a big issue of trading and withdrawing money from outside Pakistan and have several problems and hurdles that let the people ignore this very important money making Niche in Pakistan.

Still lots of Domainers from Pakistan participating in buying and selling of Premium Domain names marketplaces sometimes refer to “After markets”. They are struggling but still in the game and doing there best in this niche. The major problem of ignorance or lake of interest in Domaining is, the absense of Paypal in Pakistan. No doubt, Paypal is the major source of online business around the world so when its come to buying and selling domains or even any other non-tangible item as well as other physical items, both buyers and sellers prefer Paypal for the transaction of money and goods.

In my personal opinion, Paypal transactions are 80% of the global buying selling made by the freelancers buyers, sellers & service providers. Although, the Payoneer, Skrill, Payza, 2Checkout and few other payment processors options are available to make online transactions but still Paypal is the first priority of majority online traders. People are wondering and still looking for a solution to have Paypal in Pakistan to go rapidly in the marketing and selling of Domain names as the current scenario of the “Domaining” says that the coming days would be the best for Domaining as the Chinese investors are now rushing to the domain industry after the crashes of Chinese Stock market. The impact is unbelievable and could be shocking for the traditional stock markets.

After the Chinese investors interest in Domaining after the crash of Stock market twice in the first week of 2016, Could boost the Domain reselling trend very shortly and at this time millions of professional and beginners¬†are registering Chinese Domains refer to “CHIPs” in all Tlds, gTlds, nTlds, ccTlds to make money selling these with a huge margin of profit. The door is open for “Pakistani Domainers” as well.

Pakistani Domainers are way behind in the process just because of the money problems and lake of knowledge about how to get into the market. How to buy and sell online, how to get paid then withdraw or transfer money to Pakistan?

Top Pakistani Domainer in Domaining
Top Pakistani Domainer

I’m Shahzad Bashir a professioanl Domainer from Pakistan since 2011, having experience of buying selling Premium Domain names at the top level Domains Marketplaces / After markets, with over 1000 transactions including Godaddy Auctions market, Flippa, SEDO, Namepros etc. In order to encourage Pakistani domainers, I’m going to start a series of articles with useful information about how to start Domaining from scratch in Pakistan. This is an introductory Article and wake up call so get ready to be a professional Domainer from Pakistan with me.