How to get Web traffic using Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Linked in, Redit etc


Social Media and Networks have exploded in the past decade. From MySpace to FaceBook and Pinterest to Reddit and Stumbleupon, the choices are endless.

For this post though, we won’t talk about the general tips and tricks that people provide.

‘Post on Facebook’ or ‘Get thousands of Likes’ or ‘You need to Tweet’. And why?

Well, those are things you really should already be doing on a regular basis. If you aren’t utilizing all the tools at your disposal to grow your Online Enterprise, then you can’t blame anybody else for lower traffic. This post we’ll have a look at the lesser known and spoken about ways in which to use Social Media to get your traffic up by leaps and bounds.

Social Media Blogs

Places like MySpace offer users the chance to create and maintain a blog where you can reach out to your audience with regular posts that keep them informed. If you’re a music band then tell them about your upcoming gigs, or which venues you are about to play, or share some secrets about the band members that can help the audience relate to you.

By adding a blog to your Social Media you create a space where you can go into detail about your product or service, not to mention, provide your audience with concise discussions on what makes your product or service better than the others in a more patient manner. Bullet Points are great for Sales Copy or Advertising online, but blogs allow more interactivity and understanding. So start using these features.

Leverage your Social Networking

So you may be using your Facebook and LinkedIn etc platforms well. But have you leveraged them to the fullest?

Remember, Facebook alone has features like Pin to Profile, Fan pages, Groups, Notes and Discussions (to name some). Are you making use of all these little widgets? If you aren’t you really have to.

Remember, the Holy Grail is Optimization for a lot of Online Marketing. And you cannot optimize unless you have the full range of tools used and implemented.

Use Multimedia

Look around the web today and you’ll see that there is an explosion of Video based content. And its obvious why. More interactivity, less reading involved, and with faster internet speeds, most people can now stream and watch videos with ease unlike 2-3 years earlier.

Reports and evidence from other Online Professionals show unmistakable trends moving towards Video and Audio podcasts instead of traditional blog posting. And having been part of this trend I can tell you, it’s here to stay and if you want the highest possible traffic, get using multimedia instead of a singular form of communication.

And the best part is your podcasts can be optimized with tags, descriptions and titles to reach out to your audience.

So there you have it. Social Media is a great resource to help drive traffic. The only thing is sometimes you have to move away from its traditional and obvious uses and find the small nooks and crannies that really help you gain traffic using Social Media.