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“Meta Tags”! First Step towards Search Engine Optimization


 How to get web site indexed in Search Engine results? 

Well it’s not to mention that whether you have a website or blog designed, how would you go to expose your content? How the world would know that you have the stuff they need of. It does matter when it comes to optimize your site according to the Search Engine rules and terms. It’s nothing hard to know that you need to do something so that the people who need the content as same as you put on your website or blog, could find the relevant information and material they searched for. You must find the way that leads your website on the way where any Search Engine could find your content for the relevant keywords whenever any one goes to search through. 

Moreover, you need to choose the best keywords so that Search Engine could rank you higher on the relevance basis. There are millions of websites are being created around the world so you have to be well aware for what your website is about and why Search Engine prefer your website to show in the search results.   

What are the Meta Tags? the “Meta Tags” are the set of instructions that tell a Search Engine about your website and the relevance of the search terms. The Search Engine crawls to your website and find the relevant content for the keywords. If it find the relevance, your website indexed in the Search Engine Results Pages. There are three main options available to develop your site for the basic optimization.

1. Meta Title Tags

2. Meta Description Tag

3. Meta Keywords Tag

Initially every Web Master must need to write these Meta Content professionally by researching for the relevant keywords from any keyword research website or directory like Google Keyword Research Tools available for searching and analyzing the keywords, their demand and competition around the world by monthly search results as well as yearly. 

Meta Tags ! The invitation to the Search Engines 

1. Title Tag: Let me present an example for a man with no name, how do you call him if he has no name to be identified? Exactly the same way if your website has no Title then Who cares? How would Search Engines know about the website? That means your website should have a Title Tag with the relevant name or tagline that demonstrate what is the website all about. Every Search Engine find the relevant words from the list of the websites it has, and figures out the higher ranked website according to the relevant search terms and when the sites found, it shows the most relevant website at the top of the search results.       
                          ” Your website title goes here

  • The best practice Title Tag:The Title should be descriptive and relevant to the website content. In my case my website is freelancefront.com and the tagline which is my Title Tag is “Pakistan’s top freelance professional website“. In this example you could understand that the relevant word is “freelance” that shows that the site is about freelancing content. It also could be like “The best freelance site” or “Welcome to World class freelancers website” but here comes the keyword research so that you could find the best keywords to select for your title. (I’ll discuss the keyword research in my upcoming article). 
    • How many characters should be in Meta Title Tag? Well I have been searching for the answer and found the different answers on different forums but as far as my experience is concerned, 60 characters for the Title are good enough to tell the Search Engine about the content that you may have for the reader. All you need to do is, put a descriptive title to your website that reflects the main theme of your website. 

2. Description Tag: Description tag is the second most important element in optimizing a website for Search Engines. This element tells a Search Engine more details that are relevant to the title tag and the search terms entered by the user in Search Engine’s search bar. for instance, when you type “Pakistan’s top freelance professional” in the search bar of Google Search Engine, The Search Engine find the relevant keywords like “Pakistan’s, top, freelance, professional” one by one and when all these matches exactly in my website Title, it chooses to show the site for search results but the search Engine must find the more relevancy of the search terms and the “Description Tag” describe more about the website. 

  • Why Meta Description Tag? While the Search Engine found the website with the relevant search terms, it further dig for more relevancy with the search terms and looks forward for more description about the website so that the search result can be as same as the user wants to get from the Search Engine.    

 Your website description here” /> 

  • How many characters should be in the Meta Description Tag?  Again I would like to share my experience that I have found the different answers regarding how many characters should be in the Description tag to make it Search Engine friendly. Similarly I like to use not more than 150 characters for Meta Description Tag.  

3. Meta Keywords: This element has a variety to use with but the most appropriate description for this element is, The Meta Keywords element is a real game changer. Your website is no more accessible by any one unless you have selected the best relevant keywords for your site that could be searched through Meta Tags ! how to optimizeSearch Engines. Once a user types a word or phrase to search on the Internet through any Search Engine, The Search Engine try to find the most relevant words on your site and displays the information that found in the search result. For instance if you find the word “freelance”, it is the main keyword the Search Engine shows the most relevant websites that are fully optimized with this word would be displayed as the popular search results. There are many factors involved in making the site Search Engine friendly and the most important element is Keyword Research. 

 ” Your website Keywords here” /> 

  • How many characters should be in the Meta Keyword Tag? I would like to say that around 600 characters are the best suited for Meta Keywords Tag but all you need to have the relevant words in your website pages or Post (if your website is WordPress). You should select the popular words as keyword by doing some Keyword Research on the different websites or you can use the software that provide  the tools to find the best keywords for your website. Google Keywords Tool is recommended for researching the keywords according to the demand and popularity region wise.  

Apart from the layout your website has, the content always matters when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, So these three Tags are the door where the traffic enters into the website. If you choose the best Title, Description and the Keywords relevant with the content of your website, then It will no longer be hard to find your website on the Search Engines top search results. 

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