Learn SEO SEM in Pakistan

How to start Search Engine Optimization from Scratch


Search Engine Optimization or SEO is no longer needs to be touted as there are tons of websites and blogs over the Internet that distributing software and E-Books as well as providing information through their blogs or websites. It is the most consistent term that has been searched as well as asked on different forums, blogs, websites, wikis, FAQs etc. The People have been finding the easiest way to know Search Engine Optimization over the years.

Well, the term SEO does matter for a website or blog, when it comes to get indexed in Search Engine Result Page (SERP). The term Search Engine optimization is based on some very basic sets of functions that every body who has a blog or website and willing the site to be searched by any Search Engine with the relevant words or phrases, should be well informed about.

As far as I concern, I never found a complete index or formation that represents what exactly the way you get the website top of the Search Engines result pages. As a website designer one must know the tools that are being used to add their website in the Search Engines index. Remember, getting your website on the top of Search Engines list is just like to touch your toes with your fingers without bending your knees. That means the practice is the only key to open the door from where the traffic could be entered  into the website and the site could get to the top of the search results.

I have been analyzing for my Elance clients websites to providing the SEO services so that their websites could be found conveniently with the relevant keywords on the top of the search list. I found that most often the web designer focus on designing the website to catch visitor’s mind with the help of Graphics, images, animations and videos but their concentration towards content, seems to be ignored.

how to start SEO from ScratchBy riveting on the word “Content” I must emphasis on the demand of the original content with the relevant topic your website or blog is based on. For instance, you might have designed an Educational website or blog where you want to provide information about any Educational category, You must put some original content along with the images, videos and animations so there should not only be this stuff but the originally tailored articles, posts, pages and comments are also the best way to get on the top of the Search Engines results.

I say on my experience that whether or not your website has attractive images, icons, banners, Ads videos and the colorful layout, The visitor has just two to five seconds to decide whether he needs to stay on or to leave your website to another. No body will leave the site if there is enough content available to console. In the other words, The content is every thing. The quality content always generates traffic to your website.

Every blogger and website owner craving to get the higher ranking on Search Engines results but it requires more concentration and focus on creating genuine stuff for the reader so that the visitor can be changed into subscriber and then a constant visitor who jumps on your website for the related information whenever he or she needs.

This is my first article to show you how to become a Search Engine Optimizer and in the next level I’ll concisely discuss over the “Meta Tags” to prove that how do the Meta elements change the game. So until then keep visiting this website as I won’t take too long to display some very basic features that will take you to the way of  Search Engine Optimization.