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Withdraw the funds from Elance through Payoneer Elance Master Debit Card (Part-2)

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This Post is relevant to the previous Article which is withdrawal of funds from Elance through Wire Transfer method. 

Which withdrawal method is the best for the freelancers from outside USA?

Well as far as the withdrawal methods are concern, Payoneer Elance Debit Master Card is the best way to get paid quickly specially for those who live out side USA and don’t have a “PayPal, Credit Card or money booker account”. Typically, Freelancers use Wire Transfer method to get the money transferred into the local bank account. This is kind of slower method than the others. 

If you are new to Elance and just going to withdraw the funds through wire transfer, it may take 10 to 15 days (depends on your country or region). In many cases, people complaint that their funds did not transferred even after 2, 4 weeks and when they contact Elance support, they find that sometimes Elance either missed or mistake in writing / typing the bank account number. 

This is just not speculation, I have faced the same thing lately. When I didn’t get the money in my account after 20 days, I contacted Elance and then I found that Elance made a mistake in writing or typing my bank account number. Although it could be corrected once indicated but you suffer and sometimes become frustrated. 

Get your Payoneer Master Debit CardThe best option for the above, is Payoneer Elance Debit Master Card. If you are associated with Elance then you are eligible for applying Payoneer Elance Card. You can apply for Payoneer card from Elance website.


Note: Payoneer Prepaid Master Card® is only available to Elance users from outside the United States.

  1. Go to your prfile. 
  2. Click “Financial Accounts” under “Manage” from the top navigation bar. 
  3. Click on “Sign up for new Account” under Payoneer Elance Debit Master Card 
  4. You will be taken to Payoneer Card introduction page. Click on “Get your prepaid Master Card Now” button. 
  5.  Now you are on “Order Card” page. Click “Start here” button and fill up the form. (You must provide with the accurate email and Residence address because the confirmation email would be sent to your email account and the card to your address so all the information should be correct. 
  6. In step II, you need to give your “Password and secret question”
  7. In step III, you need to provide with the details for your registration verification. You have to give you National ID card, Passport or Driving license’s scanned photograph for verification. 
  8. Read all the information once again and if all is good then just click “Finish”. 

Elance will take you to the page congratulating for ordering Payoneer Elance Card successfully. 

After 2, 4 days Payoneer will send you an email asking for uploading your National ID Card, Passport or Driving License scanned photograph. You have to upload scanned photograph of one of them which was selected at the time of submitting application. 

Once you uploaded the required item, you will see an email within a week congratulating for approval of your Payoneer Elance Debit Master Card along with an estimated delivery date of your card. It may take 25 days after approval but in most cases the card never received by the cardholder specially in Pakistan. 

This is because Payoneer send you the card via Normal post so there is no assurance for the card to be delivered to the cardholder on time and as I said earlier in most of the cases specially in Pakistan, the card never received by the cardholder. 

How to get Payoneer Elance Debit Master Card within 4 days? 

Payoneer encourage you about selecting a secure and reliable method for the card to be shipped to your doorstep. I strongly recommend you to ask Payoneer for sending the card via DHL International courier service. This is the most reliable and fast way to get the card without any tension. 

All you need to do is, Just load $60 to your approved card from your Payoneer account. You can withdraw $60 from your Elance default account as well. Just go to Manage>>>Withdraw>>> select Elance Prepaid Master card from the “withdrawal method” drop down list.   

If you go to Normal withdrawal, Elance will take 2 business days the funds to be loaded onto your Payoneer Card (No charges apply). But if you want to have the funds to be loaded urgently, then choose “Urgent”. The funds would be loaded on the Card within 2 hours against a fee of $2.50 that would be deducted from $60 after the funds are transferred to the Card.

Once you loaded the card with the said amount, you can notify Payoneer for the card to be shipped via DHL international. You will be able to track the card all the way unless the card is delivered to your doorstep within 3 to 4 days.  

Note: [For Pakistani Card Holders] you have to pay custom Tax or Civil aviation Tax (whatever the name is) plus DHL domestic delivery charges around 550 Pak Rupees. 

As soon as the card is delivered to you, go to your Payoneer account and Activate your card. Once the card is activated, You will be able to withdraw the money from any bank that accept “Master Card Logo”. 

In Pakistan, You can withdraw the money from ATM of “MCB bank” , “Standard Chartered” “Bank Al-Falah (not confirmed) and any International bank. 

Don’t try to withdraw cash from any ATM of Habib Bank, Bank Al-Habib, UBL Bank, Meezan Bank (Your card can be captured) 

I recommend that you should go through the “Price & Fee” section of Payoneer Master Card prior getting withdrawal. 

I hope you have enough information about Payoneer Master Card from start to delivered. You can purchase any thing or shop any thing online through Payoneer Master Card without any problem.

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