What is Organic Search? How to be searched organically by Search Engines


We all want to grow. It remains one of the great things about us as a species that ambition is celebrated as a mark of responsibility and drive. And this applies to websites and online presence as well.

Why would anybody want a website or blog, for example, but not want anybody to visit the resource? The idea behind Online Marketing and Enterprise is to be able to attract a larger number of visitors thereby driving up your website/blog ranking and your potential for earning.

And there’s a whole load of ways to get growing including link farms and other automated solutions that can get you huge growth in almost no time. The issue with that is:

  1. It’s not organic so it’s not sustainable
  2. You cannot be sure if the growth is from human viewers or the result of a ‘bot’ that pings your site and just tries to fool search engines into thinking that the traffic is genuine
  3. Search Engines will delist you very, very quickly for such practices as they believe this harms the level of content online. Remember the late 90’s and early to mid 2000’s? How every time you wanted to search online you would get websites with absolutely no answers but they would be top of the search results? Well Search Engines don’t like that, and as a result now penalize firms and individuals who use such methods. And the last thing you want is to lose all your hard work because of somebody else’s mistakes.

So, the best way to generate Traffic is Organic growth. Growth that is driven by your content selection, creation and curation in order to give viewers the best possible experience will always rank with search engines and stay indexed.

Another thing that you can do, and I do that a lot is interacting with the forums, blogs and websites that have to do with my area of work at any given time. So let’s say a client asks that I populate content on his website and blog. And the gent in question has a tech website that offers how to guides to software, and product reviews and such. So I head to places like CNET, Social Media Examiner and other high page ranked and expert sites where I participate in discussions with other members. An extremely important note; I do not go to these sites and leave ‘spam’. So I don’t just leave comments with a link. I take part in the discussions, offer advice, ask questions and so on. I just add my website to my signature line. Over time and regular interaction (let’s say about 2 weeks) you will notice a steady stream of people strolling by your website and pushing your numbers of viewers up. And the best part?

Its all organic, Google will index it, and you will tend to stay on higher search ranks for much longer.

One last thing. Organic growth is only viable as long as you generate the content. So you have to keep the pages fresh. Archive the older posts and make sure you post regularly. I tend to do about 3-5 posts weekly for high volume websites. For more solid websites which already boast a higher readership I tend to about 3 articles a week. That just makes sure there is content churn and the information is up to date.

So go ahead, get ready for Organic growth and increases in revenue.