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How to load money on Payoneer Master Debit/Credit Card

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Payoneer recently updated the website with modern tools and graphics to provide better user experience and the content on home page and inside is significantly changed and improved. Its great experience to browse and navigate the site using more easy to understand options.

Beside all the improvements and modernization, there are some easy to use features are becoming difficult to find in this new version of Payoneer website and one of them is finding a “Load Money to card” option which was very easy to find and use in the previous version but not easy to get the quick look at the said link or button. So, Here is the solution to make it easy 

“How to load money on Payoneer Master Debit/Credit Card”

with the process of loading money on the card.

1. Go to https://load.payoneer.com/LoadToPage.aspx

2. Select option :

(i) By email address (Type the email address that the recipient’s used to register on Payoneer)
(ii) By Cardholder’s Payoneer Card Number (Confirm the last digit of the card)

3. Enter the amount to load (You can load up to $1000)

4. Select valid reason to send the payment from the drop down list for ” Reason of loading “

5. Click on either “Card holder will pay the fee” or “I will pay the fee” if you want to send the full amount without any deduction by Payoneer.

6. Click “Continue” to go to the next page.

7. Enter your personal and Credit/Debit Card information to “Checkout”.

8. Confirm sending Payment to Recipient’s Payoneer Master Debit Card”

9. Check your inbox for confirmation email from Payoneer about the current transaction.

This is a simple process to load money on Payoneer Card from any where in the world. No matter you have Payoneer Account or Master Card. You can Load using your Credit Card or Bank Account.

Also you can use your

Payoneer account to transfer the funds from Elance and ODesk to your local bank

More details on

How to widhdraw the funds from Elance using Payoneer Master Card 

Before sending or Receiving money on Payoneer US Payment Service account or Payoneer Master Debit Card, make sure you have check and know the FEE structure to avoid any inconvenience and shortage of money after being paid.


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